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Late Summer Rose and Perennial Tips

Late SummerRose Care If you have roses, you are probably familiar with black spot, powdery mildew and Japanese beetles. A good spray and fertilizer program will help prevent these problems.…

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Raised Bed Gardening Starter Guide

Take Your Gardening to another Level Spring is here and outdoor gardening can commence! But wait…your garden looks like a heap of chaos and confusion. You don’t know where to begin. You start…

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Choosing the Right Plant

How to Choose the Right Plant For Your Space The view out your kitchen window is awfully different than the picture in the magazine you’re gripping. Year after year it feels like the same outcome…

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How to Choose the Right Mulch

How to Choose the Right Mulch Should you use organic or synthetic? Which mulch is best for perennial gardens? Is stone an effective mulch? With so many different types of mulch to choose…

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7 Steps to a Better Lawn

7 Steps to a Better Lawn You’ve tried multiple fertilizers, grass seeds, and watering techniques, but that beautiful, lush green lawn still eludes you. Why does the neighbor’s lawn always seem to look…

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Christmas Trees at Northeast Nursery

Christmas Trees Now at Northeast Nursery It’s that wonderful time of year again! Our Nursery yard at 234 Newbury street is jam-packed with a beautiful assortment of fresh Balsam and Frasier Fir Christmas trees ready…

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