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Weed & Pest Control

WeedRot Naturally Systemic Weed Killer

WeedRot™ Naturally Systemic Weed Killer Have you been in search of a natural alternative to traditional weed killers containing toxic chemicals? Introducing SNS WeedRot™ ,a Natural Systemic 10/1…

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Tick Prevention Tips & Products for Your Safety

Tick Prevention Tips & Products for Your Safety If you live in New England, it’s safe to say you are in the “Tick Danger Zone”. With 96% of confirmed Lyme disease cases coming from 14 states, including every…

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Lawn Insect Control

If you feel you have an insect problem in your lawn, only apply control when pest is present. The Following are Available in a Dry Form to Apply with a Spreader: Dylox - trichlorfon - Controls…

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Pest Control for August

The following are the types of plants to inspect, the pest is what kind of pest you will see in your landscape, and the action is what to do when inspecting your landscape. Plant Pest…

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