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Lawn Care

Sod Installation and Care Guidelines

Sod at Northeast Nursery Grown in New England by one of the most established and respected sod farms in the country, our sod selection at Northeast Nursery is unmatched in quality and availability. While New England weather…

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Sow & Grow Products

Summer drought have your lawn struggling? The one-two punch turf pro’s use for a healthy lawn. Premium Sun-Shade Turf Mix Grass Seed Solu-Cal 6-12-6 Starter Fertilizer…

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The Ultimate Lawn Care Guide

Turf Seed Basics There are three basic types of grass seed available when seeding your lawn: Kentucky Bluegrass , Fescue , and Ryegrass . Each year we update our custom blends so we have the best quality varieties…

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Sod FAQ's and other General Tips & Tricks

When is the best time of year to install sod? Turfgrass sod can be installed year-round, even on frozen ground, if sod is available; however, sodding during the heat of summer will require more water than during cooler…

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Japanese Beetles in the Urban Landscape

Japanese Bettles in the Urban Landscape The Japanese beetle is probably the most devastating pest of urban landscape plants in the eastern United States. Japanese beetles were first found in this country in 1916,…

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Lawn Disease Control Solutions

Summer Means Lawn Fungus! We want to show you what to look for and how to identify a fungus in your lawn. Lawn fungus is brought on with high humidity and warmer temperatures. Often times drought stress or insect…

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Soil Testing is an Essential Lawn Care Practice

A soil test will determine not only the pH, but also the levels of nitrogen (N), phosphorous (P) and potassium(K). Once you have identified the nutrient composition we can advise you with proper fertilizer recommendations…

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