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Late Summer Rose and Perennial Tips

Late SummerRose Care If you have roses, you are probably familiar with black spot, powdery mildew and Japanese beetles. A good spray and fertilizer program will help prevent these problems.…

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Choosing the Right Plant

How to Choose the Right Plant For Your Space The view out your kitchen window is awfully different than the picture in the magazine you’re gripping. Year after year it feels like the same outcome…

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Fall Plants & Decor at Northeast Nursery

Fun Fall Decor Thoughthe weather doesn’t always indicate it, fall is close at hand. As the calendar changes to September and the nights grow cooler, we can’t help but thinkabout all of those fun…

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Knockout Roses

The Knock Out Family of Roses Prized by landscapers and garden designers for their long period of bloomand easy care, these tough shrub roses are a must have in almost any garden bed or…

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