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Trees and Shrubs

Plants with Winter Interest

Plants with Winter Interest Plants with winter interest are noted for their ability to brighten or add flare to a landscape during the coldest months in New England. Some are noted for their berries, some for…

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Tree Staking

Occasionally, new tree plantings may require staking to protect and/or anchor the tree. We carry several different products to ensure a successful tree planting and or transplantation.…

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Planting Your Living Christmas Tree

Planting Your Living Christmas Tree At the Northeast Nursery, you are purchasing a living tree rather than a cut tree, so you can have many more future years watching this tree grow. How it is cared for…

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Plants: Hedges and Screens

Hedges and Screens are used in the landscape to create a formal attitude to the garden or landscape and often define lines and spaces. A hedge or hedgerow is a line of closely spaced shrubs and tree species,…

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Needle Casting of Evergreens

Needle Casting of Evergreens What is needle casting? Needle casting is normal for evergreen trees and shrubs, even though most people think it is a disease and/or an insect. All evergreen needles eventually die. The older…

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How to Plant a Tree

How to Plant a Tree Plant Selection Before selecting a plant it is important to observe the growing conditions of the area to be planted; the hours of direct sunlight, the soil type (clay, loamy, sandy),…

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