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Red Hemlock Bark Mulch by the Yard

Red Hemlock Bark Mulch by the Yard



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Product Description

Red Hemlock Bark Mulch 

  • 100% Pure Hemlock

  • A rich, natural reddish color which accents plants in the garden and creates contrast among all the green growing things

  • This mulch has strong reddish tones adding rich color to landscapes.

  • Very aromatic, with long-lasting color


Organic mulch is a gardener’s best friend. It improves water retention, reduces weed growth, maintains soil temperature and enhances the look of your landscape.

Additionally, not only does it provide aesthetic value for your property, but it also has significant environmental benefits. In the winter it insulates roots, preventing quick freezing, and during the summer heat it conserves soil moisture.

Mulch also acts as a security blanket for plants and trees. See how it works, below.


There are several factors to be considered when someone asks how much mulch to apply and when to apply it. Some of these factors include your soil, the amount of rainfall you receive, and the amount of weeds you have.

Some guideline to follow:

  • Start with a 3-4” deep layer for most mulches and soils. For a barrier, you can use a weed mat or landscape fabric to keep the amount of weeds to a minimum.

  • Water your soil before applying mulch if it is dry, to make it easier to pull weeds.

  • You can apply mulch at just about anytime, but it is important to remember how the ground changes with the seasons.

It is best to weed the planned area before applying any mulch. Then, spread a layer of mulch over the entire area, keeping it 2 to 3 inches away from the stems of woody plants. The benefit to proper mulching is that it prevents plant decay caused by wet mulch and rodent damage during the winter.


  • Not mulching at all

  • Excessive mulching

  • Choosing quantity over quality

  • Mounding mulch around trees

  • Using plastic weed barriers beneath mulch

  • Applying mulch that consists of all large pieces

  • Using repurposed wood chips, from branches and trimmings, as mulch chips

  • Making use of stones and rocks as mulch

  • Using uncomposted organic mulches, like grass clippings

  • Sourcing free mulch

  • Not spreading it evenly

  • Mulching a layer that is too thin

  • Not weeding before laying the mulch down

  • Mulching too close to your house


Our premium mulch products are produced from virgin forest products. No recycled products are used in the manufacturing of any of the mulches.

Red Hemlock is 100% organic.


A correctly mulched tree is a happy tree.

Mulch that is spread out evenly (at 2-3” deep) in a circle around the tree, keeping it away from the base, is ideal. In doing this, the roots are protected and insulated by the mulch, but still have room near the trunk to breathe.

An improperly mulched tree is a sad tree.

Mulching too much, and too close to the tree trunk can smother roots, making it hard for them to get necessary ventilation. Therefore, the roots will either end up girdling the tree or rotting. If the roots girdle the tree, it will most likely die from strangling. If they rot, it may lead to the tree becoming unstable and more prone to falling down.


Northeast Nursery supplies four types of mulch, four different colors. Though their names help define their colors, some people are more visual. Below is an image that may assist you in choosing the color you desire for your particular landscape or project.

The Red Hemlock, does in fact, have a reddish color.

The Aged Dark is dark brown, almost black in color.

The Pine Spruce has more golden brown tones.

The Playground mulch is the lightest of the bunch, with natural yellow tones.


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