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Playground/Safety Mulch by The Yard

Playground/Safety Mulch by The Yard



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Product Description

Playground/Safety Mulch

  • Natural wood color

  • Creates a soft landing surface

  • Meets or exceeds ASTM standards for head injury criteria


Mulching around a new or existing playground and looking for one that meets safety standards? Northeast Nursery’s Playground/Safety Mulch is the proven winner! Free from chemicals, this mulch provides a safe groundcover for children. It moves and compacts to absorb the impact of falls, helping to prevent injuries. Also, this mulch showcases its natural wood color and remains looking nice and clean for an extended period of time.

  • Wood chips provide the best protection for fall heights

  • The tightness of the hardwood prevents splinters

  • Good filtration so it drains well and doesn’t get soggy

  • Strong enough to support kids at play

  • Soft enough to cushion falls

  • More environmentally safe, more reliable, and more cost efficient than rubber mulch

  • Easily maintained

  • Won’t attract insects

  • Long-lasting


The basic steps for installing playground mulch are:

  1. 1. Clean out playground area thoroughly and remove obstructions that could injure children (i.e. trash, stones, stumps)

  2. 2. Lay out a barrier cloth, such as a weed mat/landscape fabric

  3. 3. Install playground borders

  4. 4. FIll in with at least 12 inches of mulch (according to the National Safety Council, and for more information on safety standards, view HERE)

View Playground Mulch Installation Instructions.



When reviewing options, many consider both natural and rubber mulch. Playground mulch is not only an organic alternative to other surfacing materials, but it is pleasing to the eye and holds great safety benefits.

Rubber mulch, on the other hand, is not organic, is made up of shredded tires, is costly, and does not provide any nutritional value to the soil. It is suspected to leach chemicals such as zinc into the ground, making it a bad choice. And since it is made from old tires, it means that any chemicals those tires ever came into contact with could potentially be transferred to the playground. It is not biodegradable and does not decompose, so wood playground mulch is the way to go.

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