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Aged Dark Mulch by the Yard

Aged Dark Mulch by the Yard



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Product Description

Aged Dark Mulch by the Yard

  • Composed of aged pine

  • Dark brown, almost black in color


Did you know that mulch does more than just makes your yard look beautiful? It benefits your flowers, plants, trees and shrubs, as well as your soil!

It’s important to mulch so you and your garden can reap these great benefits:

  • Insulates plant roots in the winter & prevents water loss in the summer

  • Reduces the growth of weeds in your garden

  • Improves soil texture and growing ability, and can even reduce disease

  • Organic mulches improve soil fertility due to decomposition that adds nutrients to the soil

  • Acts as insulation, maintaining an even soil temperature and reflecting sun rays to keep the moisture in, helping your plants flourish


Do you have questions about mulching? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Some of the most common, and important questions are about how much mulch to apply and when to apply it. While there are no set answers because there are multiple factors to consider, such as how many weeds you have and how much rainfall you receive, keep in mind these guidelines as you mulch:

  • Before applying mulch, water your soil if it is dry, to make it easier to pull out weeds

  • For most mulches and soils, start with a 3-4” deep layer

  • You can use landscape fabric as a barrier to keep weeds to a minimum

  • Mulch can be applied at just about any time, but you need to remember that the ground changes with season, especially the temperature. Mulching too early will actually slow down the warming process, so mulching in mid- to late spring is ideal.

Now that you’ve heard proper mulching techniques, do you still have some lingering questions?


  1. 1. Should I weed first?

Time to do some weed control! It is best to weed the planned area before apply any mulch. Weed the landscape and then lay down newspaper to suppress any lingering weeds that might pop up.

  1. 2. How much mulch will my landscape need?

    You want a mulch application to be not too thick and not too thin. Depending on the condition of your soil, the type of mulch being used and the amount of weeds present, the amount may differ. As a general rule of thumb, typically we recommend applying 2-3”.

  1. 3. Can I mulch near trees and shrubs?

Mulching around trees and shrubs is great! Mulch in a wide circle, but be sure to keep it about 2-3 inches away from the stem or trunk. Mulch is a natural protectant, but having it too close can damage the plant and/or roots. When you mulch around the trunk of a tree and cover the root flare, you are covering up parts of the tree that were meant to be exposed to the air. Therefore the tree will retain excess moisture and find ways to compensate, and in doing so, actually damage itself. Three main ways improper mulching can kill your tree are rot, suffocation and girdling. - So don’t do it!


Instead, apply it at an even depth in a large circle and do not mulch up to the trunk of your tree, like the picture below demonstrates.


Depending on the look you want your landscape to give off, you can choose from four distinct color options.Whether for decorative purposes or for function, we have the right mulch for you!

Below is an image of our four different mulch colors.



  • Use it as an accent material to highlight particular spots

  • Take your entire landscape into consideration. A nice balance of plants and mulch is ideal. The main focus of your space should be your plants, shrubs and trees. Mulch is a gorgeous and beneficial accent to your landscape that will help control moisture levels.

  • Remove old mulch, clean the area and start fresh

  • Thin it out when necessary, say near a tree trunk or along pavement

  • Try out different types of mulch and colors to see what looks and works best for your landscape


  • Ignore bare soil, since adding mulch improves soil and reduces erosion

  • Use too much or too little, whether in large areas or small

  • Forget about your young trees, in particular

  • Assume you need something underneath - the right amount of mulch will do

  • Use bad mulch, from an unreliable source


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