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New Northeast Nursery Website

We've had a Makeover!


Here at Northeast Nursery we are very excited to introduce you to the newest addition to our family, a freshly renovated northeastnursery.com.

Over 12 months in the making, the launch of our new site is the result of a desire to provide you with a clean, easy to navigate means by which to explore our products and helpful educational resources.

We are also excited to announce that unlike before, you may now make product purchases online! While some products like plant material must be purchased in person, you'll have instant access to most items here at Northeast Nursery and in the catalogs of our distributors. Many can be shipped right to your door, while others you may purchase online and pick up in store.

A fresh new Look

In addition to a cleaner homepage with quickly accessible product categories, you won't have to hunt around for seasonal promotions and product specials. Instead, they'll be front and center:

More Product Information, a Click Away

Because we like to be prepared and are always striving to offer you the best selection, we have many, many products. And because it's not always convenient to call us, we're creating detailed product pages that will help you make decisions as you plan your projects. Information at your fingertips:


Start a Wishlist


Being the outdoor and landscaping lover you are, ideas are constantly buzzing around your head. To help you keep all those projects organized, we've created an "add to wishlist" button next to every item which will be conveniently saved into your very own account on northeastnursery.com.

Simply create an account by clicking the "Login/Register" button in the upper right corner, and add away. Go to any product and select "add to wishlist" (See below) and your account will instantly save your favorite items. 


To later review or remove items, go to "my account" in the upper right corner and select "my wishlist":






Clean Display and Organization


Because a website full of products is only helpful if you can find them, we've taken special care to create an experience that is intuitive and visually stunning. While you'll notice there is a search box in the upper right hand corner of the site, we've also broken products into neat categories so you can explore and do a little idea gathering. 



Have Questions? We Can Help!


One of the best things about our old website was our vast collection of educational resources, and we are happy to say much of that has made it's way over. Whether it be sod installation tips, winter moth control or crabgrass solutions, you'll find our neatly organized how-to library helpful as ever:



Get In Touch


While our goal is to give you as much detail here on the website as possible, we know there will be times when you need to contact us directly with some important questions. That's why we're here! In the event you do have an important question, head to our home page and scroll to the bottom. There you'll find this easy-to-use contact form what will go right the the appropriate department:


We hope you find this new site to be a valuable resource as you continue to do business here at Northeast Nursery. Every week we'll be working hard to add new products, educational materials and other industry-related content that will help you stay up to date with current events. If at any point you have any troubles or concerns in your navigation with our site, please contact us directly via the form on the home page or at ecommerce@northeastnursery.com