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Northeast Greenhouse & Nursery

Greenhouse and Nursery growers know better than anyone about the myriad of challenges a green-industry business can face. Economic hardship, weather, cost overruns and government sanctions to name just a few. Add in labor costs, finicky consumer behavior, and energy expenditures, then you’ve got more than a full plate.

The last thing you want to worry about is the reliability of your supply partnerships. Accessibility to the right product at a moment’s notice is key to your operational success. Here at Northeast Greenhouse & Nursery supply, we understand.

With our extensive and growing Greenhouse & Nursery line, we have the complete horticultural package of products to help your business thrive. We can help your greenhouse, nursery, farm, orchard, farm-stand, garden center or landscape business source the perfect product for the job.

Customers have come to rely on our extensive warehousing of inventory, available at a moments notice. You may choose to take advantage of the flexibility of picking your product up the same-day, or enjoy the convenience of one of our weekly or bi-weekly New England delivery routes.

We can provide your Greenhouse with:

  • Soilless Growing Media
  • Complete Line of Fertilizers: Soluble, Liquid & Controlled Release
  • Control Products: Insect, Diesase, Weed & Sanitizing
  • Pots & Containers
  • Films & Coverings
  • Irrigation, including In-Feeding Systems
  • Greenhouses & Structures


We can supply your Retail Garden Center with:

  • Bagged Soils, Mulches & Composts
  • Custom Turfgrass Seed
  • Retail Pest Control Products for Lawn & Garden
  • Bagged Fertilizers
  • Hand Tools
  • Carts & Wheelbarrows
  • Bagged Decorative Stone
  • Pavers & Wall Stone


Some of our Brands:

  • Armor Tech
  • Bio Safe
  • Fertil
  • Haviland
  • Growth Products
  • AT Films
  • Ginegar
  • Ken Bar
  • Better Bilt
  • Dewitt
  • Aqua Mat
  • Actinovate


For a full list of our professional line products, click here.

For a complete list of our retail line products, click here.


Our experienced and comitted staff will work with you to troubleshoot irrigation, pest, disease, and other operational issues. With your 100% satisfaction our goal, you can be assured that we will partner fully with you to achieve your desired outcome.

Contact one of our friendly salesmen today, or click the contact me button below to be contacted by a staff member.

Sales Staff

Tom Spence, 978-317-6016: Central & Easter MA, RI

 Brian Bradley, 508-415-1110: Metro Boston, South Shore MA

Jim Downie, 978-818-0138: New Hampshire or Maine

Tim Madden, 802-222-7341: Vermont & Western MA

Inside Sales Coordinators

Ali Cotreau, 978-854-4416

Kristin Armata, 978-854-4414