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Premium Sunny Turf Mix

Premium Sunny Turf Mix



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A turf grass seed mixture for premium residential or commercial lawns in more sunny conditions. The varieties featured in this mix are highly rated in the NTEP trials for wear, heat andamp; drought tolerance. This mix also features genetically diverse combinations of Kentucky Bluegrasses for better adaptation and consistent color. The Perennial Ryegrasses feature disease resistance and require average fertility programs.

Product Components:

  • 45 percent Kentucky Bluegrass (Aggressive andamp; Compact Types)
  • 35 percent Perennial Ryegrass (Lateral Spread Technology)
  • 20 percent Cardinal Creeping Red Fescue (Competitive)

Uses: Premium Residential or Commercial Lawns, Passive Parks, Golf Course Roughs, Campus Lawns, Cemeteries and Utility sports fields.

Seeding Rates; New Seeding; 2.5 x 4 lbs. per 1000 sq. feet, Over Seeding 1 x 2.5 lbs. per 1000 sq. feet

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