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Pest Control for Early June

Pest Control for Early June

The following are the types of plants to inspect, the pest is what kind of pest you will see in your landscape, and the action is what to do when inspecting your landscape. 



Plant Pest Action
Andromeda Andromeda Lacebug

Andromeda Lacebug

Inspect underside of new growth for nymphs. Treat with Bonide Eight if needed.

Arborvitae Arborvitae Leafminer

Arborvitae Leafminer

Tiny silver- white moths fly when branch is shaken. Treat with Bayer Sevin if needed.

  Fletcher scale

Fletcher scale

Treat newly emerged crawlers before they wax over with Bonide Malathion. This species pupates within the foliage.

Beech Woolly Beech Aphid

Woolly Beech Aphid

Nearing the natural end of their cycle

Birch Typical Aphid shape


Check for natural enemies before making treatment decision. If no natural enemies, treat with Bayer Sevin.

Birch Leafminer

Birch Leafminer

Treat only if 1st generation damage was severe to protect new 2nd gen. growth. Treat with Bonide Borer-Miner Killer.

Boxwood Boxwood leafminer

Boxwood Leafminer

Check yellow traps for adult flies, look for leaf spots with brown pupae protruding from the underside. Treat if detected with Monterey Garden Insect Spray.

  Boxwood Mite

Boxwood Mite

Inspect for reddish nymphs on underside of leaves. Espoma Earth Tone Insect Control and All Season’s Spray Oil may require multiple applications.

Catalpa Cotton Aphid

Cotton Aphid

Inspect underside of leaves for green-yellow nymphs. Look for Lacewing eggs, Ladybugs, and other natural enemies.

Cherry White Prunicola Scale

White Prunicola Scale

Treat with Bayer Sevin before crawlers wax over

Dogwood Dogwood Borer

Dogwood Borer

Inspect trunk and large branches for holes and fresh sawdust. Destroy by hand or treat with nematodes


Polydrusus weevil

Check for notching along leaf margins and shiny metallic green-bronze weevil. Treat with Bonide Systemic Insect Control if needed.

  Two Spotted Spider Mite

Two-Spotted Spider Mite

Shake branch over white surface. Treat with Bonide Mite-X if needed.

Hemlock Hemlock Looper

Hemlock Looper

Shake branches, look for green inchworms dropping on silk threads. Treat with Thuricide if needed.

Holly (American) Native Holly Leafminer

Native Holly Leafminer

Install yellow sticky traps. Inspect traps for small gray flies.

Juniper Juniper Scale

Juniper Scale

Treat with Espoma Earth Tone Insect Control before crawlers wax over

Larch Larch Casebearer

Larch Casebearer

Tiny dark-winged moths fly when branch is shaken.

Mountain Ash Mountainash Sawfly

Mountainash Sawfly

Examine leaflets in shadiest areas for clusters of yellow-green larvae. Pick off or treat with Bonide Capt. Jack’s Dead Bug if needed.

Oak (Red Group) Oak Skeletonizer

Oak Skeletonizer

Examine leaves for lacy skeletonizing and small green larvae. Treat with Bonide Eight if needed.

Pine (Soft) Pine Bark Adelgid

Pine Bark Adelgid

Inspect trunk and branches for white, cottony masses. Increase vigor, reduce stress. Treat with Neem Oil.

White Pine Weevil

White Pine Weevil

Inspect leaders for holes, sap flow and tip curl. Prune out infested leaders before they turn brown.

Rhododendron Rhododendron Borer

Rhododendron Borer

Check pheromone trap for male moths. Inspect large lower branches for holes and fresh sawdust.

Yew Black Vine Weevil

Black Vine Weevil

Place burlap traps under plants by mid-June.

Taxus Mealybug

Taxus Mealybug

Inspect interior of plants for small mealybugs. Treat with Bonide Eight if needed.

  Fletcher scale

Fletcher Scale

Treat newly emerged crawlers with Bonide Malathion before they wax over. This species pupates within the foliage.


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