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Moss in your Lawn? How to Prevent & Cure

Moss in your Lawn? How to Prevent & Cure


Moss can occur in your lawn for several reasons:



  • Non-draining soil in a sunny or shady area


  • Shady areas that just never really dry out


  • An imbalance of nutrients in your soil, sometimes caused by continual use of high nitrogen “turf-building” fertilizers



In order to make sure moss wont grow in your yard you need to change the environment that it likes. We do have Moss Killer products but they burn the moss, and if you don't change the texture of the soil or the conditions that the moss likes to grow in, then it will reestablish again.


How to change the environment that moss grows in:


  • Aerate the soil regularly


  • Mix in sand and compost so that the soil can breathe and becomes more fertile.


  • Apply Gypsum a few times over the next couple of years. Gypsum is available in a liquid or pellet form. Gypsum can be used to loosen and aerate your soil. It will aid in drainage and allow the root system to take in more oxygen and utilize existing nutrients better.


  • Lime or pH+Plus™ should be added as necessary to keep the pH of your soil neutral. This allows the root system of your turf to utilize the nutrients that you apply and become a healthier, stronger lawn. Have your soil tested if you’re not sure of the pH and apply the amount of lime needed. The stronger your lawn, the fewer moss, weed, algae or other fungal problems you’ll have.



Moss Killers:


  • Moss killers should not be applied to newly seeded or sodded lawns until after at least 4 mowing's. Do not re-seed any bare spots until 4 to 6 weeks after applying a moss killer.


  • Moss needs to be killed before raking otherwise you will spread spores throughout your soil. In order to kill moss it needs to be actively growing. Late spring/early summer or late summer/early fall, when weather is warmer but not hot, is ideal. After using a moss killer and the moss has turned black or brown, it can then be safely removed.


  • If you suspect a nutrient imbalance use Scotts® Moss Control Granules for Lawns. It will kill moss and supply nutrients that benefit your lawn by adjusting an existing nutrient imbalance in your soil.


  • For a shady area that is always moist or one that is non-draining, a liquid moss killer that supplies no nutrient value is a better choice.


Note: Most moss killers available in liquid form can also be used on decks, patios, concrete, stone and roofs. Always read instructions and choose.

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