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Storm Center Hours


We will open at 4:00 AM on days when there is ice and or snow on the ground!


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  • Receive notice when we are opening early. We ususally open at 4 AM.


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  • Call 508-733-9955 to find out more on Storm hours.


Winter ice and snow will be here soon and you want to be prepared. Northeast Nursery, Inc. is your one stop storm center for ice melting products including Peladow Calcium Chloride, Magnesium Chloride and Safe N’ Sure (CMA).


One of our safest and most effective products in Magic Salt. It melts ice when temperatures get as cold as 25 degrees below zero. It also prevents refreezing. Rock Salt, and Magnesium Chloride are effective for melting ice.


We offer straight rock salt, treated rock salt, custom blends of sand & salt, bagged ice melt, and liquid deicers.


We stock 3 blends of sand & salt mix including 6/1, 3/1 and 50/50 mix. Rock Salt is available for pick up by the cubic yard or in full truck load quantities by the ton. Ask about our tractor trailer stockpile pricing. Custom mixes are available by the truck load with advanced notice. Delivery is also available. Click here for pricing information.



Come in and see our supply of snow shovels, lock de-icer, windshield washer fluid, booster cables and other automotive needs. We also carry Fisher Plow accessories including hydro fluid cutting edges pistons and more. Mark your driveways, we have wooden stakes available in sizes from 3’ to 5’ tall 1”x1”.



Bulk Ice Control


 Magic Salt offers a more efficient, cost effective solution to ice control. It melts to -25 degrees, is non-corrosive, less damaging to concrete and plants and reduces salt consumption by 30-50%. This means less travel time during your busiest, most hectic season.


Bagged Ice Melt


Safe ‘n Sure


Safe ‘n Sure Premium Ice Melt contains a unique combination of sodium, calcium, potassium and magnesium chlorides plus CMA.  It breaks up ice and melts snow faster than rock salt, even at temperatures as low as -25°F.


MSDS Sheet           More Info


Magic Salt


Magic Salt offers a more efficient, cost effective solution to ice control. It melts to -25°F, is non-corrosive, less damaging and reduces salt consumption by 30-50%.






Peladow is the premier Calcium Chloride ice melting product on the market. It melts down to -25°F, has a lower application rate than other deicers, and releases heat as it works.


Shop Peladow Bag              Shop Peladow Pail




Magnesium Chloride Pellet.

Magnesium Chloride melts to -5°F, and is less corrosive than Calcium Chloride.


MSDS Sheet        More Info




A blended deicer containing the highest percentage of calcium chloride on the market. It contains a helpful color additive for easier application.


MSDS Sheet          More Info



Snow Removal Equipment


Earthway Spreader


  • Comes with cover


  • Wide mouth allows rock salt to flow evenly


  • Large 13” stud type pneumatic wheels on rust-proof poly rims


  • Optional salt deflector kit

PrizeLawn Spreader


The Bigfoot BF I HVO (high volume output) features a hinged plate for high volume application. It is designed for the application of sand, ice melt, limestone, or other high-rate products. Stainless Steel frame only.

Ames Snow Shoverl #16724


18” Poly snow shovel with an extra wide D-grip and artic blast 18” mountain mover poly blade. Strong moisture resistant ash handle.


Delivery Service is available throughout New England for Bulk Sand, Salt, Magic Salt, or Straight Rock Salt.

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