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Annual Early Bulb Orders







Bulbs will be available in store by September 15th.  If you need them delivered, there is a delivery charge and we will start shipping the week of the 15th.


All orders placed after August 26 will be the price on the order form and will be available within 3 business days.


Starting the week of September 15 there will be a selection of bulbs available on the shelves at the Dearborn location.


How To Order Early and Get Your Discount


Download The Order Form (found below) and the Corresponding “Bulb Options List”

Instructions: Please enter in each row, under Columns B & C (blue) the number of Boxes and/or Bulb orders you would like. Columns J and K (green) show total bulbs and cost for each line.      

When you've finished filling out this sheet, please:                
(1) Double check your numbers for accuracy                
(2) Select "File" and then "Save as"                 
(3) Save as "Bulb Order for my company name"                
(4) Send spreadsheet via email to                
(5) Or you may print and bring to Julie Flaherty at 8 Dearborn Rd.     






         Questions? Chat now or email ust a