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3/4' Screened Loam/Compost 50/50

3/4' Screened Loam/Compost 50/50



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Product Description

Northeast Nursery’s 50/50 Compost and Loam mix is 3/4” screened Loam fortified with 3/4” compost for added organic content, and ideal for new plantings. 

Sold by the cubic yard, 1 yard covers 100 sq. ft. 2-3" deep.

Our Super Loam is screened down to 3 /4 of an inch, so small rocks and other organic matter like twigs, etc. will be present in the loam, which is actually preferredbecause they help with aeration and prevent the loam from getting too compact, thus allowing for proper root growth. Because of the presence of small rocks and twigs, etc., we do not recommend using loam for top-dressing; instead, we recommend using our bagged topsoils, which contain no rocks or twigs, etc. 

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