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Preen Vegetable Garden Weed Preventer - 5 lb. 2463774

Preen Vegetable Garden Weed Preventer - 5 lb. 2463774



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Product Description

Vegetable Garden Preen 5Lb. Container Prevents Weeds And Fertilizes This product provides the same weed prevention as Preen, it also adds nutrients to feed your existing plants. Preen 'n Green's balanced 9-17-9 formula of nitrogen, phosphorus and potash works to provide abundant blooms, increased yields, strong root development and improved plant vigor. Absolutely Guaranteed To Prevent Weeds Effectively prevent weeds around your flowers, gardens and landscaping Guaranteed to work when used as directed, or your money back Convenient And Easy To Use Yellow canister's built-in applicator with easy-open red cap makes application quick and easy Ready-to-use granules require no mixing or measuring Just sprinkle the granules into the soil or mulch, then gently water in Several sizes of refillable canisters and economy-size bags and drums are available, to meet requirements of any size garden Save You Hours Of Time All Season Takes just a few minutes to apply, and saves you hours of weeding. A single application lasts up to three months; simply reapply for continued weed control Can Be Used Just About Anywhere and Anytime Can be applied throughout the entire growing season-spring, summer and fall Can be applied on sloping areas, with no fear of leaching or runoff when it rains Allows for transplanting anytime-before or after application.

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