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Moss Out For Lawns 1 quart Hose n Go

Moss Out For Lawns 1 quart Hose n Go



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Product Description

Moss Out For Lawns 1 quart. Get rid of unwanted backyard moss when using Lilly Miller Moss Out! on the problem. This hose and go product for lawns is the fast, easy way to get rid of it. Use this 32 oz container of Lilly Miller moss killer and once it's gone, the grass is free to grow and thrive. This easy-to-use container attaches right to a garden hose, so there is no mixing. This lawn moss killer will turn the unwanted stuff black, and the moss will die within hours. The grass will gradually fill in thin and bare spots. For better results, add other Lilly Miller products like Ultragreen or Super Rich lawn foods, Super Sweet lime and Lilly Miller grass seed blend. The product is easy to use. Reach for Lilly Miller Moss Out! and watch the problem go away.

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