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Kiln Dried Firewood

Kiln Dried Firewood



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Kiln Dried Firewood


Northeast Nursery is your go to place for the finest stock of Kiln Dried Firewood in New England, perfectly prepared for indoor and outdoor use.

This type of firewood is dried in a kiln, which bakes the wood and forces out the moisture, making it ready to be used immediately after purchase or delivery. The process of kiln drying our wood ensures it is insect-free and weighs less than other kinds of firewood, therefore can easily be stored in your garage or basement instead of outside. Split into 16-18” lengths.

Also, Kiln Dried Firewood is a cleaner burning firewood. It ignites easily and burns hotter and more efficiently than other types of wood. With less creosote buildup, it leaves very little ash or soot in your fireplace or fire pit, which is a win-win all around.

I wanted to tell you how pleased I am with the kiln dried wood I ordered. It's dry, clean, and burns really well.The woman who delivered it was friendly and professional. I will definitely come back to you for my supply next year and have already told others about the great experience I have had with your organization. Expect more new customers from Rockport! – Kathy, Rockport, MA


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How to Start a Fire with Kiln Dried Firewood:

  • Make sure you clean your fireplace of old ash and that your damper is open to ensure the draft will move upward.

  • Crumple up newspaper and place below and on the grate, while placing kindling on top of the newspaper.

  • Place smaller kiln dried firewood on kindling and light opposite ends of the newspaper.

  • After a few minutes, the wood should catch fire and you can start adding pieces.

  • Make sure the smoke is not black (not getting enough oxygen) or gray (getting too much oxygen).

  • Then stop adding wood and let the fire slow on its own.

Northeast Nursery sells only the highest quality Kiln Dried Firewood in New England created from a mix of desired hardwoods that will burn evenly, cleanly and efficiently in your wood stove, fire pit or fireplace. Our cut and split firewood is 16-18” and available year round to keep you warm and cozy through all of New England’s seasons. 

Whether you desire a Full Cord, 1/2 Cord, 1/3 Cord, 1/4 Cord, 21 Cu. Ft., or 4 Cu. Ft, we’ve got you covered this season! 


Once delivered, Kiln Dried firewood should be stored under cover in a dry area with adequate ventilation.

So where you store it is up to you, but you may be in need of the Buffalo Tarpaulin to shelter it from the elements. This washable, heavy duty, blue Polyethylene Tarpaulin with Rope Reinforced edges and rust resistant grommets is one of the most practical methods to achieve keeping your stored firewood dry.

The Tarpaulin

Tarp Tip from AskTheBuilder.com:

  • Don’t cover the stack of firewood completely with a tarp. This traps water vapor and makes it nearly impossible for the wood to dry. It’s best to install some stakes and rope at the sides of the tarp to extend the tarp out away from the stacked wood much like a canting tent rain fly. These tarp wings ensure the sides of the wood stack don’t get wet from all but the worst driving rain. It’s vitally important that you do everything possible to promote the movement of air through the wood if you want it to dry rapidly.

Northeast Nursery Kiln Dried Firewood

Firewood Tips:

  • Don’t get left out. Prepare for New England winter weather by purchasing firewood now!

  • If cutting your own, November is the month to do it.

  • You should only burn well-seasoned firewood.

  • Be sure to stock up and have firewood on hand in case of an emergency.

  • Always were protective gear when cutting firewood and never cut alone or when you are tired.

Suggestions to Do Today:

  • Use the warm fall days to prepare and chop wood for burning.

  • Clean your fireplace/stove/pit to prepare for heavy usage.

  • Make sure it is inspected and up for the winter challange.


Firewood Amount Breakdown:

4 cubic feet = "party size"

21 cubic feet = about 1/6 of a cord (a little under a yard)

1 cord stacked = 128 cubic feet or 4’x4’x8’

½ cord stacked = 64 cubic feet or 4’x4’x4’

1/3 cord stacked = 42.67 cubic feet or 4’x4’x3’

¼ cord stacked = 32 cubic feet or 4’x4’x2’



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