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Nursery Arrivals

Nursery Stock Arrivals

(updated 6/2716)

Learn More About This Weekends HOT Annuals From Nursery Manager Joe Moseley


We’ve reloaded our Dearborn Road and Newbury Street bedding plant yards with plenty of color --  just in time for the 4thof July.

Container maples, birches, cornus kousa, prunus thunderclouds, and prunus snowfountains landing on 7/1.

Fresh stock arriving weekly all summer long.  Enjoy the Holiday.


For questions on stock, please email Chris Barboza here, or call at 508-527-8317


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Arrivals Week Ending 6/27


Bedding Plants

10” and 12” Patio Planters Mixed Colors

#1 Stella Doro Daylily (golden yellow)

#1 Happy Returns Daylily (clear yellow)

#1 Becky Shasta Daisy  (bright white)

#1 Walker’s Low Nepta (lavender blue)

#3 Knock-out Roses (red, pink, yellow, pow!)

…..and a whole bunch more.


Nursery yard

Shrubs in color

#3 Hydrangea Endless Summer (big blue mophead)

#3 Hydrangea Tuff Stuff (blue lacecap, durable Japanese mountain hydrangea)

#3 Hydrangea Glowing Embers (hot pink mophead)

#3 Spirea Little Princess (pink flower)

#3 Hydrangea Cityline (compact mophead, blue and pink great for foundations)

#3 Hydrangea Quickfire (paniculata form, flowers white to pink, great performer full sun or shade)

#3 Hydrangea Red Sensation (new 2016 intro arriving 6/30 unbelievable red color –what a show !)



Hundreds of #10 Emerald Green Thuja arriving this week (grade 5’) both locations

#5 Emerald Green Thuja (grade 3-4’)





Buxus Green Mt. Flt Top 15-18”

Buxus Green Velvet #3

Hydrangea Cityline (Vienna, Berlin, Mars)

Hydrangea Nantucket Blue  #3

Hydrangea Bobo (compact, white paniculata back in stock) #3

Hydrangea Glowing Embers (pink, big leaf form)

Pieris Red Mill #3 (Deep burgundy foliage flushing now)

Privet #3 (our most popular size – real lush)

Rhodo #3 Cunningham White, Roseum Pink, Nova Zembla

Spirea Snowmound #3 (bud and bloom, Newbury location)

Spirea Big Bang Gold #3  (Newbury Location)

Taxus Hatfieldii 18-24”

Blueberry Brunswick (nice low bush form, great for massing, borders and foundations)



Thundercloud Plums #15 (Newbury Location)

Pyrus Chanticleer #15 (Newbury Location)



Our Dearborn location is chock full of grasses.



Emerald Green thuja #5 and #7 (back in stock !)

Thuja plicata Excelsior #20 grade 6’ slightly more compact than Green Giants, limited supply (Newbury Location)


Bedding Plants

All you favorite perennials are in (1 and 2 gallon sizes) deliveries arriving all the time and Russian sage is on the way !

4”Supertunias (Great container plant for the summer holidays)

4”Geraniums (classic colors)

4”Osteospernums (pastel colored daisy like flowers, beautiful and durable)


Week 5/7



Azaleas #2 Hot Shot, Stewartstonian, Girard’s Rose, Hino Crimson, Delaware Valley White, Girard’s Fuchia

Azaleas#5 Hino Crimson,Stewartstonian,Delaware Valley, Blauuw’s Pink (all in bloom)

Buxus variegated #3

Chamaecyparis  Fernspray 3-5-4’ (wow, what a fatty beautifully trimmed)

Chamaecyparis Reis’Rigid Dwarf 24” (Nice compact dwarf)

Chamaecyparis (species) 6-7’ (beautiful plant, fast growing similar in look to a Leyland Cypress but much hardier) limited supply

Chamaecyparis Kosteri 2-2.5” heavy limited supply

Hydrangea PeeGee Tree Form, #10

Hydrangea Nantucket Blue #3 (leafed out full of buds!)

Hydrangea Endless Summer #3 and #5 (leafed out full of buds!)

Hydrangea Blushing Bride (Blush White) #3  (leafed out full of buds!)

Juniper Blue Point #7 36”

Pieris Cavatine #3 (compact form, bud and bloom)

David Austin English Shrub Roses (the big load has arrived plenty of buds colors: apricot, white, pink, red, burgundy, yellow, orange

Spirea Shirobana #3 (multicolor)



Betula Heritage 10-12’

Picea Blue Spruce 6-7’

Picea Serbian Spruce 6-7’

Picea Baby Blue Eyes 6-7’

Picea Bakeri 6-7’



Pennisetum-Rubrum #1 (beautiful deep red/ purple color, robust size, a classic for container planting or use as an accent plant )

Panicum Ruby Ribbons #3 (blue blades highlighted with streaks of red)


Bedding Plants

Deliveries of your landscape perennial favorites have arrived and hostas are starting to show some size. 

Mixed hanging baskets are in and bursting with color – late spring/summer annuals on the way!





Encore Azalea Autumn Amethyst #3 (most reliable encore azalea for our zone.)

Boxwood Green Velvet 18-24”

Boxwood Winter Gem 15-18”

Boxwood Winter Gem 18-24”

Boxwood Green Mountain 36-42” and 42-48” (Beautiful shape and form)

Enkianthus Redvein #3, #5 and 30-36” (great accent plant mix with rhodies and compact clethra)

Hydrangea Nantucket Blue #3 (leafed out full of buds!)

Hydrangea Endless Summer #3 and #5 (leafed out full of buds!)

Hydrangea Blushing Bride (Blush White) #3  (leafed out full of buds!)

Hydrangea Tuff Stuff #3 (lace cap serrata, nursery favorite not budded)

Hydrangea Bloomstuck (cross between endless summer and twist and shout)mop head reddish stems #3 (full of buds)

Hydrangea Limelight Tree-form #10


Ilex Skey Pencil #7

Ilex verticillata Winter Red #7 3-4’ (covered with berries)

Ilex Blue Maid #10 (heavy) 4’

Myrica (Bayberry) #7 4’ (super fragrant)

Taxus Hatfieldii 24-30”

Taxus Capitata 30-36”

Viburnum ‘Summer Snowflake’ 2-3 B&B



Acer p. Rhode Island Red 18-24” and 24-30” Unique upright Japanese maple, reddish purple foliage compact round habit.

Abies Concolor 7-8’

Picea Baker Blue 6-7’

Picea Colorado Blue 6-7’

Picea Baby Blue 6-7’

Pyrus Chanticleer 2-2.5” (most just starting to bud)

Tsuga 4-5’  5-6’ 6-7’ and 10-12’ (Yuge!)




Thuja Green Giant 5-6’ 6-7’ 7-8’ #3 and 7-8’ #20s (get them while you can)

Thuja Degroot Spire 4-5’ #10

Dark Americans 6-7’ 7-8’

DarK Americans 8-10’ (almost sold out few left)


Bedding Dept. Grasses

Penni-Hameln #2 and #3

Miscanthus Little Zebra #3

Festuca Elijah Blue #1 (great color)

Reloaded May Night Salvia #1 beautiful color (hundreds in)

Leucanthemum Becky #1 back in stock plenty of them

Hemerocallis #1 Happy Returns, Stellas and Rosy Returns #1s

Russian Sage #1




Week Ending 4/16



Azalea #2s  all your favorites (Hinos, DVWs and Mother’s Day) great value

Azalea ( Deciduous ) Weston’s Lemon Drop, Pink & Sweet and Innocence (White)

Azalea Cornell Pink #3

Blueberry Assorted #5

Buxus Tide Hill #1

Daphne ‘Carol Mackie’ 2-2-5” back in stock after 2015’s crop failures

Forsythia Lynwood Gold 4-5’ (a true New England classic)

Ilex crenata #5 Hoogendorn,Soft Touch

Ilex Sky Pencil #5 4’

Juniper (groundcover #3  Blue Pacific, Blue Rug, Nana

Rhodie Percy Weisman 24-30’ (full of buds) great foundation Rhodie (nice peach/pink color)

Rhodo Rosebay 3-4’ and 2-2.5’ (great size, nice and dense)

Rhodo P.J.M. Pink (not an Aglo, dense like a PJM with a soft Pink Flower) 3’ new plant for 2016

Cytisus  Moonlight Moonlight #2

Picea Globosa #5 and #7 (Great color)

Salix Discolor #3 (pussy willow)

Syringa Tinkerbelle #3 (Dwarf pink)

Syringa Charles Joly 30”

Syringa Lady of Moscovy 36” (White)

Syringa President Grevy 3-4’ (Grandma’s favorite)



Acer Red Sunset 2-2.5”

Corylus Harry Lauder’s Walking Stick 3-4’ (heavy grade)

Malus Sugar Tyme 1-5”-2”

Malus Louisa 1.75” (weeping form)

Magnolia Elizabeth #5 and qty1 specimen 2.25” (yellow)



Juniper (upright forms) 5-6’  Moonglow, Sky Rocket, Spartan, Robusto 6-7’ (limited qtys)

Thuja Emerald Green 6-7’ (very nice)

Thuja Green Giants 5-6’ (get them while supplies last)



Assorted Lonicera #2 --Dropmore Scarlett, John Clayton white with hint of yellow, Alabama Crimson


Bedding Plants

Corydalis 2 qt (in color)

Geum #1 (in color)

Phlox (ground) all colors and sizes (looking great !)

Hellebores 2qt (in color)

Hostas have arrived 2 qt select varieties

Pansies (even more than last week)

German Irises



Week ending 4/9




Boxwood Columnar 3-3.5’ (plenty of boxwood in both yards the larger sizes are full)

Blue Maid Holly 4-4.5” (several sizes available)

Hydrangea Twist and Shout (workhorse lace-cap)

Hydrangea oak leaf – Alice, Pee Wee, Snow Queen and Munchkin (limited stock)

Picea Globosa -24-30”

Picea – Alberta Spruce #2, #5 and #10 (the #10s are beautiful, limited supply)

Rhodies – Big #6s and #10 s Novas, Roseums, Lee’s Dark Purple,

Dwarf white pines - (nana, blue shag) 24-30”

Privet #3 (our  most popular size)

Taxus (yews) Pyramidal forms 3-3.5’ -4.5’

Taxus (yews) Hicksi 3-3.5’



Acer Japanese Maples – Shishigahira (Lion’s Head) limited), Trompenburg (upright form deep red foliage, slightly tubular in form) Crimson Queen,

Orangeola (a Northeast Nursery favorite, orange hues to new emerging spring foliage), Tamukeyama, Bloodgood, Viridis (green form beautiful fall color)

Note: the pacific northwest’s drought lessened this past year and the result is a bumper crop of very nice Japanese maples,  your customers will love them

Cryptomeria Yoshino 5-6’

Hinoki Cypress heavy B&B sizes 3-3.5’ 3.5-4’

Colorado Blue Spruce 6-7’ 8-10’

Norway Spruce 6-7’ and 7-8’

Weeping Norway Spruce #10 (very nice)

Pinus Silver Japanese Pine 6-7’

Hemlocks 4-5, 5-6’, 6-7, 8-10’ (Big Boys)



Thuja Emerald Green 6-7’ and 7-8’

Dark American 5-6,6-7,7-8’ and 8-10 (huge and limited !) Note: shortages of Dark American Thuja is industry wide come in and buy them before they’re all gone.

Hemlocks 4-5, 5-6’, 6-7, 8-10’ (Big Boys)



Climbing Hydrangea #5 (trellised and leafed out)



Vinca and Pachysandra


Bedding plants

Achillea Sunny Seduction #1 and #2

Astilbe (your favorite colors) #1 and #2

Coreopsis Early Sunrise #1 and #2 (Deep golden yellow)

Dianthus Shooting Star, Eastern Star, #1 and #2

Gallium #1

Hemerocallis Stella O’Doro, Happy Returns, Rosy Returns, Pardon Me, #1 and #2

Leucanthemum Becky #1 and #2

Lavender Dilly Dally #2

Phlox (ground phlox) emerald pink, emerald blue,snowflake #1

Rudbeckia Goldstrum #1 and #2

Salvia May Night #1 and #2

Select 2 quart perennials



Arrived Week Ending 4/2




Azalea Mother’s Day #3

Boxwood Green Velvet 2.5-3’

Boxwood Green Mountain 3.5-4’ (beautiful form)

Boxwood Winter Gem 2.5-3’

Flowering Quince (red, orange) #3

Hydrangea Tree-form Quick-fire #7

Picea Montgomery Blue (5-6’ specimen grade)

Pieris Cavatine #3  (compact form 5 year size 3x3’)

Pieris Red Mill #10

Knock-out Roses #3 (single pink, single red, double pink, double red, sunny on the way)

Spirea #3 Little Princess and Goldmound

Thuja Globe 2-3’



Abies Concolor 5-6’, 6-7’,7-8’

Abies Fraser 5-6’, 6-7, 7-8’

Acer p. bloodgood great selection of sizes (multi and single forms available, no exaggeration our best selection in years !)

Acer griseum paperbark maple (specimen grades)

Picea p. Baby Blue Eyes 5-6’



Thuja Dark American 5-6’

Thuja Green Giant 5-6’  (industry-wide shortages, medium and larger sizes hard to come by)


Bedding Plants

Ground Phlox #1 (pinks, red, lavender)

Garden Phlox  #1(Pink)

Daisy Becky #1

Hemerocallis #1 Stella D’Oro

Hemerocallis #1 Happy Returns

Rudbeckia Goldstrum #1

More Pansy 6 packs and 4(all the classic colors



Hameln #3

Miscanthus #3 Morning Light

Maiden Grass #3



Arrived week ending 3/26:



Azalea gumpo pink #2

Azalea Gibraltar #2 and #5 (orange)

Buxus Green Mountain #3 and #5

Buxus Green Velvet #3

Cornus (shrub form) Ivory Halo,Bailey, Artic Fire #3s

Euonymus: Emerald Gaiety,  Moonshadow, Emerald and Gold #2s

Forsythia Show Off #3 and #5

Pine mugo #2

Privet #5

Raspberries #3

Rhodo Roseum Elegans #10 (huge)

Rhodo Cunningham White #3 and #5

Rhodo English Roseum 3s and 5s

Rhodo Capistrano #3 (yellow)

Rhodo Nova Zembla #3

Rhodo Fanastica #3 (dwarf yak cross)

Rhodo Scintillation #3 and #5

Rhodo Aglo #3 and #5

Rhodo P.J.M. #3, #5 and #7

Rhodo purple gem #2s

Blue Berries #3 several varieties


Bedding Plants

Pansies 6 packs and 4(all the classic colors)



Acer-Green Mountain 2.5”

Acer campestre 2-2.5” container

Betula  nigra dura heat (more scorch resistant than Heritage)

Betula Heritage and Whitespire single stems 8-10’ #15s (very nice

Cercis: Forest Pansies and Eastern Red Bud sizes from #15 to 8-10’ Clump and singles (very nice clump heavy B&B forest pansies)

Kousas 8-10’ (heavy)

Cornus Cherokee Chiief 6-7’, 7-8’

Cornus Stellar Pink 6-7’ 2-2.5”

Cornus Constellation 2-2.5”

Crataegus Winter King 2-2.5” (very nice)

Saucer Magnolias 6-7’

Royal Star Magnolias 5-6’

Jane Magnolia 6-8’

Fruit Trees:  Apples, Cherries, Pears, Apricots, Peaches, Plums #10s (height 6-8’)

Prunus Snow Fountain #10, #20, 2-2.5”

Japanese Maples: Bloodgoods, Viridis, Waterfall, Coral Bark, Crimson Queen, Emperor 1, Fireglow, Red Select

Stewartia 6-7’ and 2-2.5”

Styrax 2-2.5”



Arrived week ending 3/19



Amelanchier Autumn Brilliance 6-8’

Buxus Winter Gem #2

Forsythia Lynwood Gold #3

Syringa Common Lilac #3 and #5

Azalea: Delaware Valley (white), Stewartstonian (red), Balaauw’s Pink #3s and select #5s

Hydrangea Endless Summer #3

Ilex crenata: Helleri, Hoogendorn, Soft Touch #3s

Ilex glabra Shamrock #3

Ilex Blue Maid #3

Ilex Steeds #7

Viburnum Mayflower #5

Groundcover Junipers: Bar Harbor, Blue Rug, Procumbens nana #2s



Kousa Dogwoods 5-6’ and 6-7’

Cornus Pink Flowering Dogwood 6-8’

Pyrus Chanticleer 2-2.5”

Acer rubrum Oct. Glory 2-2.5”