Don’t Get Caught in the Cold This Winter!



Buying firewood is a bigger deal than you might think.


Beyond locating a reliable delivery source for those large loads New England homeowners usually need, is the question of whether the wood is of an acceptable quailty.


Poorly seasoned wood, inaccurate delivery amounts or bad tree selection (like evergreen trees -- pines, cedars, spruces, etc) can result in a frustrating winter of inept fires. 


Here at Northeat Nursery we pride ourselves in stocking only the finest selection of firewood sourced from choice hardwood trees (Oak, Birch, Beech, Maple, etc.) in Vermont and Maine.


A reliable firewood source for delivery in Boston and the surrounding areas, you can trust that we’ll always have a large stock of kiln dried, seasoned and green firewood.


Ready to order? Unsure which firewood or quantity is right for you? Read on:



Which Firewood Suits You Best? 


Sourced from only the finest trees in New Hampshire and Maine, our selection of Seasoned, Kiln Dried and Green firewood is unsurpassed in quality. 


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Cut and split hard wood and is seasoned for approximately 10-12 months, measuring in 16”-18” lengths. This properly preseasoned firewood is ready to burn, producing the most heat and the least creosote chemicals. Shop Seasoned Firewood Here.




Kiln Dried


Cut and split wood which has been dried in a kiln. This process also insures the wood is insect free. Kiln wood should be stored under cover, in a dry area with adequate ventilation. Extremely easy to light. This is a cleaner burning firewood with less creosote buildup and ash, and is available year round. Shop kiln dried firewood here.






Cut and split hard wood measures in 16”-18” lengths. Take advantage of the savings by purchasing it “Green” and season it yourself. With this wood, you are able to control where the wood is stored and keep it clean before seasoning it approximately nine months before burning. Shop green firewood here.







How Much Firewood Do You Need?


This is a tough one to answer. Because each family’s wood-burning habits can vary so much depending on what your primary heat source is, quality of home insulation, etc. There really isn’t a formula for this.


Other factors that go into answering this question include how large your house is, how often you have a fire, and so forth.


With a varying New England climate of mild and harsh winters, it is better to be over prepared, we say!


Here’s a rough estimate of how much wood Vermont homeowners burned one winter according to this article:


  • When heating primarily with wood, they burned almost 5 cords
  • When burning wood as a secondary heat source (by a wood stove or fireplace), they used just over 2 cords
  • When having a fire just for pleasure (1-2 times per week), they used less than half a cord.


Really the best way to know how much wood you need is to take note year over year of your beginning and ending supply. Only then will you have a good grasp on usage estimates. 



How Is the Firewood Cared For?


While we take great pride in the quality of our firewood (made up of Oak, Maple and Birch hardwoods), the manner in which we receive, store and deliver our stock is second to none.

Not only do our suppliers deliver us a high-quality batch each time, but our staff scrambles to make sure it’s well cared for prior to deliveryto your home.



How We Store Our Firewood






We pile our firewood into three different areas: Green, Kiln-Dried and Season, and place them in designated locations to best suit their specific preservation requirements.

The kiln-dried is covered to keep the weather out, and the seasoned is sorted in wind-rows to allow wind to pass through and continue to season it. 



No Waste, No Mess




Using a special skeleton bucket, we separate the firewood from the chafe so you end up with only the good stuff – no waste. This means your driveway or lawn are as free of debris as possible. The last thing you want to do after stacking wood is rake your yard or sweep your driveway.



Order Accuracy




We hand sort the wood into different size bins (21 cubic feet & ¼ cord) to help eliminate air pockets and keep the delivery as accurate as possible. 



Convenient Delivery Options




With delivery routes all through Massachusetts, there’s a high likelihood you’re in a town we regularly surface. If you aren’t sure, just ask!



Local Delivery Areas:


  • Peabody                                 
  • Danvers
  • Beverly
  • Boston
  • Lynn
  • Marblehead
  • Middleton
  • Newton
  • Salem
  • Saugus
  • Swampscott
  • Topsfield



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