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Weathermatic SmartLine SL1600 Controller 4-Zone Base Model

Weathermatic SmartLine SL1600 Controller 4-Zone Base Model



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Weathermatic SL1600 4-Zone Smartline Irrigation Controller. This Sprinkler Controller/ Timer made by Weathermatic is built to exceed most high-end controllers specifications at a manageable price so that everyone can benefit from the technical engineering that brings affordable ET-Based Water management to most irrigation applications. This advanced technology is a process that measures water evaporation and adjusts the water time and frequency to maintain an optimal irrigation environment for your lawn or garden. Combined with Weathermatic's SLW Series Weather Stations, The SL1600 4 Zone Smartline Irrigation Controller becomes a monitoring system that can control your irrigation 365 days a year preventing over watering, under watering, water run off, and even freezing. The backlit LED feature helps to view the display even during a power outage. No batteries are required! The Weathermatic SL1600 4 Zone Smartline Irrigation Controller is expandable to as many as 16 stations and can be used in basic mode if no Weather Station is available.

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