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Pine/Spruce Mix by the Yard

Pine/Spruce Mix by the Yard



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Product Description

Pine/Spruce Mix

  • Mix of Pine and Spruce Barks

  • Rich brown in color


Mulch has a number of different benefits for plants, trees, soil...you name it! Not only does it improve your soil, it helps make your garden beds look more attractive. When mulch is applied correctly, it has the following benefits:

  • Insulates plant roots during the winter

  • Prevents water loss during the summer

  • Reduces growth of unwanted weeds

  • Adds important nutrients back into the soil

  • Improves soil texture, structure and fertility

  • Helps maintain an even soil temperature and lowers the percentage of water evaporation

  • Assists in preventing diseases

  • Decreases topsoil erosion

  • Attracts beneficial earthworms

  • Keeps plants and their fruits clean


There are several factors to consider when applying mulch, such as your local weather/climate, how much rainfall you receive, weed density, or if your soil is rich in nutrients.

Some main guidelines in applying mulch are:

  • It is best to weed the planned area before apply any mulch, so water your soil before applying mulch if it is dry, to make it easier to pull weeds.

  • Use landscape fabric as a barrier to keep the amount of weeds to a minimum.

  • Then start with a 3-4” deep layer of chosen mulch.

Common questions that arise when planning to mulch:

  • Does it matter what type of mulch I use?

    • Be sure to choose the mulch color you deem best for your landscape. Having your mulch complement your house and plant material is key. Also, take into consideration that light mulches reflect a lot of sun, while dark mulches tend to absorb more. New England temperatures are not too extreme one way or another, so all four color options are perfectly great for this climate.

  • HOW much mulch should I apply?

    • The typical application amount recommended is 3-4 inches deep in between, around and near (but not touching) your plant material. Although you should generally apply it evenly across your landscape, sometimes adding a little more to high traffic areas or a little less near the edge of a sidewalk or driveway is in your best interest.

  • WHEN is the best time to mulch?

    • Remember, mulch can be applied at just about anytime, but it is important to remember how the ground changes with the seasons. If it is early in the spring the ground might be slow to warm, whereas if mulching in the winter to prevent heaving it is important to wait until the ground freezes.

  • Will it prevent weeds from growing?

    • Mulch is a great way to suppress those stubborn weeds. Be sure to weed your space thoroughly before laying any mulch. Also, placing landscape fabric down after weeding and before mulching will only make it that much more difficult for those pesky weeds to pop up.

  • What about mulching near trees?

    • When spreading a layer of mulch over the entire area, keep it 2 to 3 inches away from the stems of woody plants. The benefit to this is preventing decay to the plants caused by wet mulch and rodent damage during the winter.

    • If mulching near buildings, attempt to keep mulch 6 to 12 inches away because subterranean termites could nest in the soil and could infect the building.

    • Mulching around newly planted trees requires a circle of mulch 3 to 4 feet in diameter, but do not pile mulch against the trunk. It is recommended to maintain this for three years. When mulching around established trees in lawns, it is suggested to create a circle of mulch around two feet in diameter for each inch of the trunk’s diameter. Therefore, as the tree grows, the size of the mulched area should as well. It is important to apply mulch at least 6 to 12 inches past the drip line of the tree.



This mulch is a mix of Pine and Spruce Barks.

No recycled products are used in the manufacturing of any of our bulk mulches.

Color Enhanced Mulches:

The raw materials used in the colorants are from resources occurring naturally in the earth's surface. The colorants are specially formulated to be nontoxic to plants and animals. While we make every effort to get the color-enhanced products to set prior to delivery, it is nearly impossible for the colorant to fully cure while in the pile. Therefore, we recommend that color-enhanced mulches not be spread before or during heavy rains.


Decisions, decisions...From dark to light and the between, which color best suits your landscape?

Light colored mulches are often liked for their decorative purpose, but reflect more light and heat that could dangerously overheat surrounding plants.

Dark mulches are known to absorb and retain more heat from the sun, which is great in cooler climates, but could be unwanted in hotter ones.


  • What do I do if I have grass growing up through my mulch?

    • Tip: Spread landscape fabric down before laying your mulch. This will smother the grass and eventually cause it to break down naturally.

    • Be sure to be applying enough mulch (3-4 inches) to help suppress the grass and/or weeds.

  • How deep do I mulch my landscape?

    • The type of mulch being used will determine the amount to use.

    • If using this Pine/Spruce Mulch, we recommend 2”-3” deep.

    • General rule of thumb: One cubic yard will cover an area approximately 10’ x 10’ at a 2” to 3” depth.



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