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Trees & Shrubs

Trees & Shrubs

We work hard to provide you the consumer with hardy trees and shrubs. This gives you comfort in purchasing healthy plants. Our Buyers, Jim Connolly and Chris Barboza, recently toured many of the growers who supply with top quality nursery stock. We hand selected many of the trees for the nursery. Many new introductions are planned for the upcamming year. When you purchase a plant at Northeast Nursery they come from local growers and have been selected us for their ability to thrive in the New England climate.


  • Shade tress can reduce utility bills for air conditioning by 15% to 50%
  • Trees and well done landscape can add curve appeal to your home and add 15%-20% to your property value.
  • Return on investment is being estimated at 100%-110%.
    • Other National averages from Remodel magazines
      •  Family Room 62.8%
      • Deck (Wood) 72.8 %
      • Deck (Composite) 66.2%
      • Kichen Remodel 59.7% - 62%
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