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Whether you are at the jobsite or on the road you and your employees need to be safe at all times. Northeast Nursery carries all the OSHA approved products necessary to protect you and your staff. Every day when you go to work, safety should be on your mind. Northeast Nursery can special order any safety equipment necessary to keep you in compliance with all state and federal agencies. 


To prevent any injuries on the job make sure your body has the correct protective gear. Too many times we take short cuts that can lead to unforeseen problems. We have hard hats and safety glasses a variety of styles and colors. 


Respirators are available and don’t forget to use ear protection when operating any power equipment.


Safety vests are necessary when working in high traffic areas. We carry a full line of vests and coats. 


Click here to view our selection of body protection offerings. Click here to view  our truck safety offerings.
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