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BlackMAX® LT

Extremely lightweight 1/2" (13mm) 12-strand braided climbing line. Rope rides smoothly through blocks and hardware. The “nubby” construction is excellent for hand control. Weighs .067 lbs/ft. Average breaking strength 6,000 lbs.



BlackMAX® XT

Latest 1/2" (13mm) 16-strand braided climbing line. Flexible polyester cover with a low stretch polyester core remains firm and round under load, yet flexible. Has great knot holding qualities. Weighs .075 lbs/ft. Average breaking strength 6,200 lbs.



BlackMAX® DB Double Braid Bull Rope

Offers high value at a very competitive price. This bull rope features a tough urethane coating, which is applied after the rope is braided. The coating firms the rope, increases snag and abrasion resistance, and helps keep contaminants from entering the rope.







Samson® Arbor-plex®

12-strand climbing lines are world renown for their great strength to weight ratio. The weave of polyester and polyolefin fibers make it incredibly lightweight (.068 lbs/ft.) with an average breaking strength of 6,000 lbs.



Samson® True-Blue®

12-strand weave of 100% polyester with a coating of Samthane for wearability and consistent knot control. Larger size gives this rope a heavier weight (.085 lbs/ft.) but a higher average breaking strength of 7,300 lbs.



Samson’s Arbormaster® Blue Streak

16-strand, high strength, low stretch climbing line. Blue Streak features a specially treated polyester cover over a low stretch nylon core. Weighs .077 lbs. per foot. Average breaking strength 8,100 lbs.



Samson’s Stable Braid® Bull Rope

Made of braided polyester utilizing Samson’s Duron® fiber technology. The sheath is then braided over the core using a super-tough abrasion resistant polyester weave. This combination has the added bonus of having a very high tensile strength and abrasion resistance for unmatched performance.





Yale Cordage Arborist Division




Yale’s XTC Fire

16-strand braided rope is made with a flexible polyester cover and low stretch polyester core. High twist core of torque balanced polyester keeps the rope firm and round. Weighs .075 lbs per foot. Average breaking strength 6,200 lbs.







Deluxe Rope Bag

Made from 600-denier coated polyester and features spiral wire that prevents it from collapsing. Drawstring top closure. Snaps and dees keep the bag collapsed when not in use. Measures 12" in diameter x 14" high and holds 150' of 1/2" or 9/16" rope.



Buckingham Friction Saver

Eliminates burning climbing lines and protects trees from damage. Installs with the help of a throw line and weight. Aluminum rings protect the rope. Load rated to 6,000 lbs. Overall length 48". Color coded for easy identification. Instructions included.



Leather Cambium Saver

Protects climbing ropes and trees from damage. A favorite among many tree care pros. This cambium saver is lightweight and quicker and simpler to deploy than other friction saving devices. For use on ropes less than 5/8" in diameter.




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