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Pruning Saws


GrowTech, Inc.



ZR Series

ARS LongRanch™ Telescoping Pruners


Perfectly balanced for ease of use and accuracy, these poles are light and maneuverable and provide sharp and accurate precision pruning at heights that would otherwise require a ladder. 3 blade options are available: the 18 (razor edge) head for general pruning, the 160 (cut and hold) head for dead-heading, manicuring, and harvesting and the 190 (super trimmer) head is for shearing and shaping (e.g. shaping Christmas Trees).




R Series

ARS Super Light LongReach™ Pruners


Specifically designed for all day use, these LongReach™ Pruners are super lightweight, come in multiple lengths, and have 2 different blade options. The 180 (razor edge) is a bypass pruner head and the 160 (cut and hold) is the same bypass pruner head with an attachment that grasps cut material. The high carbon tool steel blades are Marquench hardeneded to hold their edge cut after cut. Blades are hard chrome plated for rust and sap resistance.



L Series

ARS Super Light LongReach™ Pruners


Need maximum cutting capacity? The blade and unit have been designed to provide the best cutting leverage and durability. This is our recommendation for the hardest long reach pruning jobs. Available in 3 fixed lengths. Drop forged blades provide better cutting leverage and stay sharp longer while hard chrome plating on the blades resists rust and sap.






Silky Gomtaro


12” Straight professional pruning saw. It is beautifully balanced and ideal for all-around pruning tasks. High performance blade with a comfortable and durable cushioned rubber handle that really sticks in the user’s hands. The blade has 6.77 chrome plated, electrically induction hardened teeth per inch. Ultra-strong one piece construction and low effort triple edge, non-set tooth design. The included scabbard is ideal for climbing.





Silky Zubat


13” Curved professional pruning saw. Ideal for all pruning. Blade has 6.35 teeth per inch. The curved blade means greater cutting speed with less effort. The chrome plated blade resists rust and the effects of tree resin, and wipes clean easily. Impulse hardened using a special high frequency heating technique. Molded rubber hanhle. Custom scabbard with detachable belt holder included.




Silky Ibuki 15” Curved Pruning Saw


15” Curved Pruning Saw is a true professional heavy-duty curved saw. Ideal for aggressive cutting and efficient chip removal. A large and comfortable sure-grip handle gives strength and flexibility to the full length of the saw. Large 15” curved blade with an aggressive 5.5 teeth per inch increases strength and performance. Comes with a custom sheath equipeed with ring and strap attachments for use on the left or ride side. Sheath included.




Silky Hayauchi 21’ Telescoping Pole Saw


21’ Telescoping Pole Saw is made of rigid aluminum. The pole saw quickly extends to 21’ for a maximum working reach of nearly 25’. Spring-loaded push buttons allow multiple adjustments and safety clamps hold firmly in place. The nearly 16-inch blade sports the largest teeth available in a razor tooth design, 5.5 teeth per inch and has a sharpened base and tip for scoring the branch collar. Sheath included. WARNING: NOT for use near electrical hazards.



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