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In today’s economic and ecologic climate most turf managers are exploring ways to reduce water usage on the lawns and the entire landscape. For turf it starts with selecting the most appropriate seed for the site; sunny, shady, irrigated, non-irrigated, heavy use or passive use.

Northeast Nursery stocks 16, different seed blends and mixes which cover an array of turf situations. Please visit our seed page for more detailed information.


Non-Irrigated Sites

For sites with no irrigation or in towns which typically restricts lawn watering, we recommend our heat and drought tolerant mixes of Turf Type Tall Fescue (TTTF): Rugby 90/10 or Fenway WCM (water conservation mix) – NOTE: it is not recommended to “over-seed” either of these mixes into an existing blue, rye or fine fescue lawn. This would create an inconsistent clumpy look. Proper uses would include: Over-seeding existing TTTF lawns and “new” lawns.


Northeast Nursery also features and stocks Hybrid Bluegrass from the Scotts Company. We have several mixes which include Hybrid Bluegrass however for existing lawns we recommend overseeding with our “Tri-Hybrid Blue Blend” to improve heat and drought tolerance.


Established Turf Sites

We also offer several products designed to reduce water use: Wetting Agents, Plant Root Humectants & Soil Conditioners


Wetting Agents: 

We stock Products from TriCure AD™ and Aqua-Aid. These products alter the water droplet so as to prevent excess leaching and maintain moisture in the soil profile. Other products in their line increase water surface infiltration.


Plant Root Humectants: 

H3O and Multi-Purpose Plus – These products are not traditional wetting agents. H3O creates a hydrostatic charge on the plant root which increases the electrostatic attraction between the roots and the water particles thereby preserving water in the root zone.


Soil Conditioners: Pro’s Choice Soil ConditionersProfile, Turface MVP & Field & Fairway

These products are calcined clay or porous ceramic which improves water infiltration, water and nutrient holding and cation exchange capacity (CEC). These products are incorporated into the soil at time of seeding on new lawns or top-dressed after core aeration or spiking. These products will improve conditions after one application but it is best to make several applications, over several seasons for best results. These products become permanent soil solutions and only break down 2% over 20 years.

Finally, please see our organic soil enhancers which will prevent and reduce stress from heat and drought, they will also shorten recovery from severe stressful conditions.


These products include:

BioPro Products


Neptune's Harvest

NutraMax Labs

Organic Gem 

Plant Health Care 




Organic Gem – Neptune’s Harvest – Plant Health Care - Bio Basics® Biological Soil Activator – Nitrozyme – I-Mol – Roots – Espoma – Bova-Mura™ (liquid cow manure) - Launch – Focus – Solu-Cal – BioPro Products – Nutramax Labs


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