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Preparing a Site for Wild Flower Seeding

Preparing a Site for Wild Flower Seeding

A mixture of perennial, annual and biennial seeds that will germinate and cover any open area. Fast growing, while adding beauty to the landscape. Excellent for erosion control.


Native Wild Flowers are those plants that were here before settlers from Europe began importing new species of flowers. Native wild flowers are naturally adapted to their geographic location resisting insects and disease as well as thriving on the sun, soil, and water with which nature has provided them. Cultivating native wild flowers on your property provides color and contrast by using nature's natural wild flower beauties in their appropriate native environment. In addition to this natural radiance, wild flowers provide additional attractiveness by drawing butterflies, bees, hummingbirds and songbirds to your property facilitating nature to achieve its natural balance. Wildflowers native to an area provide these charming critters with the food and shelter necessary for their survival, making wild flowers a vital service to the environment.


We carry two different blends of Wildflower seeds – Sunny and Shady. First determine what your site conditions are before you purchase seed mix. Once you have determined area you need to prepare the soil. Almost all of these plants, once established should reseed themselves, allowing for the site to fill in on its own.


The idea here is to provide natural beauty to your property by considering all aspects of wild flower placement. Remember that the beauty of flowers is not only for the passer by, but the property owner as well. There are few things as delightful as looking out your own window to see the fruit of your efforts providing you with a bouquet of sunshine! A well thought out plan will provide your property with radiance and beauty while increasing its value.



Preparing the Site


It is important to remove any existing plants that may interfere with the development of the wild flower garden. The use of a chemical herbicide such as Roundup® will kill many of the grasses and weeds in the area without affecting the new seeds you will be installing.


Rototill the area if possible and incorporate organic material such as compost. Other products like, Healthy Start Fertilizer can also be applied to the soil. Hillsides should not be tilled do to the increase of erosion that can occur.


After removing all of the debris and grading the area, try to roll or compact the area so as much air is removed from the soil.




Installing the Seed Mix


The seed is sold in 1 or 1/2 pound bags and needs some agent to calibrate the spreading. You could use a fertilizer like Healthy Start or, 10-6-4. Try to use something that has more organic content so you won’t burn the seedlings as they establish. Here is a chart of how much seed will cover per pound. Try to get enough fertilizer that will cover same area so you have proper distribution.


Type: Original or Sunny Wildflower Seed
Coverage: 4 lbs. per acre
1 lb: 10,000 sq ft.
1/2 lb: 5,000 sq ft.
Type: Shady Wildflower Seed
Coverage: 4 lbs. per 1/2 acre
1 lb: 4,800 sq ft.
1/2 lb: 2,400 sq ft.

Once the seed is spread it is up to water and time. Don’t be disappointed if it takes up to 5 years before you see a lush wild flower garden. Many of the varieties of wild flowers need to establish themselves before you will see the effects. One way to get faster results is to purchase the same varieties as established plants and install them along side some of the seeds. These plants would have a head start allowing for more visual results.



General Maintenance


There really is no maintenance. These plants are suitable for a no maintenance garden. Watering during dry periods would probably be the most you would need to do. The only other problem would be pests. So keep an eye open in case any spraying needs to be done.


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