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Plants: Stonecrop

Plants: Stonecrop



(Sedum spp.)


Sedum 'Autumn Joy' paired with Pennisetum


Stonecrop (Sedum spp.) are a hardy and drought-tolerant species of perennial plant popular in xeriscaping, rock gardens and containers.


Stonecrop comes in a variety of forms, from the common two-foot tall long-blooming Autum Joy, to the charming groundcover stonecrops like ‘Dazzleberry’.


These succulent perennials require little water and will grow in poor soil, and are wonderful in sun-baked containers or in the dreaded ‘hellstrip’.

  • Taller sedum’s such as Autumn Joy look spectacular in a bed or border and they bloom from August into November with flowerheads that start out pink and mature to a coppery color that mingle well with Autumn hues. 
    • Butterflies and bees are attracted to the blooms and if left uncut, are a source of food for birds in the winter.
  • The low-growing sedums, like Angelina, Fuldaglut or Dragon’s Blood, fill in spaces within a rock garden or gracefully spill over a stone wall.




  • Hardiness: Zones 4-11
  • Light: Partial to Full Sun
  • Water: Once established, needs minimal additional watering
  • Soil: well-draining, rocky soil, shallow soil



This perennial is the large Stonecrop genus, having about 400 species of leafy succulents. These plants have water storing leaves with flowers that are usually five petaled. The  foliage color is varied and flower shapes are interesting They are hardy and drought tolerant.

The low growing varieties are popular for rock gardens and green roofs, growing as groundcover for tough areas, while displaying colorful fleshy foliage and bright flowers that range in color from whites, yellows, pinks and reds.

Upright Sedum mix well with ornamental grasses, Rudbeckia and Echinacea while the groundcover varieties do well in rock gardens, along stone walls or between patio pavers.



Low Growing


Bright gold/yellow/peach needle-like foliage with yellow flower. Foliage color is more pronounced in brighter light. 3-6”

Blue Spruce

Drought tolerant ground cover with narrow blue foliage similar to the needles of a Spruce, yellow flower 3-5” height  15-18” spread.

Bronze Carpet

Purplish red fleshy foliage with red flower, evergreen,  Full sun, 4” height  24” spread

Dragon’s Blood

Hardy alpine, deep pink flowers, over slightly bronzed summer foliage, Full sun 4-6” height spread indefinite.

John Creech

Small scallop shaped foliage with pink flowers, evergreen,full to partial sun. 2” height 6-9” spread

Larinem Park

This native sedum is dry shade tolerant. Round green foliage with white flowers

Vera Jameson

Pinkish gray/green foliage turns reddish brown in summer. Pink flowers in September 10-12”




Upright Sedem


Autumn Fire

Rich rosy-pink flowers age to coppery red

atop the sturdy stems and provide long-lasting

late season color. An improvement over

the popular 'Autumn Joy' with deeper, longer lasting flowers and hardier, sturdier stems. Good fresh or dried for arrangements.

Autumn Joy

Large green flower changing to pink by mid summer and bronze by fall, fleshy medium green foliage stands 24” - 35”

Black Jack

Black purple foliage bright pink flowers 24”


Compact habit and large clusters of brilliant magenta pink flowers held on reddish stems from late summer into fall.

Frosty Morn

Light blue green foliage edged with white, dainty pale pink flowers 15-18”


Shiny reddish stems with pale pink flowers over gray/green foliage with a hint of a pink edge 30-36”


Brilliant pink flowers over more vigorous gray/green foliage 20”

Purple Emperor

Deep purple fleshly foliage with red flowers 12-15”



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