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Plants: Rhododendrons

Plants: Rhododendrons

Plants: Rhododendrons




Preferring cooler summers and dappled shade, rhododendrons are a popular flowering evergreen shrub common to many New England landscapes, woodland gardens, and colder climates.


Rhododendron are often one of  the first plants to bloom in the spring and early summer when other flowering plants are only just starting to wake up from winter dormancy.


Since they are evergreen, their lush waxy foliage also provides year-round interest, and makes the shrub a popular choice as a border or foundation planting. 




Azaleas make up a subset of the Rhododendron family, but are not to be confused with their larger, more cold-hardy cousins. Some Azalea are only semi-evergreen, have smaller flower heads, and are generally less cold-hardy (but this varies by cultivar).


Rhododendrons need well-drained soil and protection from drying winds in the winter. They are a popular coastal plant because their waxy leaves provide some protection from salty conditions.


In warmer climates, rhododendrons should only be grown in shady or northern exposure. In colder climates, rhododendron may withstand southern or western exposure, but partial shade is recommended. Rhododendrons are not a drought-tolerant shrub.



Rhododendron Characteristics:


Type: Evergreen Flowering Shrub


Hardiness Zone: 4-9


Exposure: Partial Shade


Size: 2 Ft - 8 Ft Wide, 2 Ft - 10 Ft Tall (Sizes vary based on individual cultivar)


Growth Habit: Mounded


Color: Dark Green Foliage, Flower Colors Vary by Cultivar


Soil: Prefers acidic, well-drained soil, high in organic matter


Noteable Features: Large showy flower clusters, waxy evergreen foliage


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