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Plants: Perennials

Plants: Perennials

What is a Perennial?


Unlike an annuals a perennial is a plant that comes back to life every year in your garden. There are a wide variety of perennials available today, and whatever your garden conditions, there is a perennial that might be right for you.


You can add color and interesting texture to your landscape by installing perennials. Perennials will grow every year from the base of the plant. The plant emerges in the spring with new growth, in the summer growth continues, by fall the foliage and stems die to the ground, but the roots remain alive during the winter season. During the winter season, we encourage homeowners and landscapers to mulch around the roots of perennials to insure survivability.


Your perennial may decline or die if the temperature and conditions of the winter are not favorable to the hardiness of your herbaceous plant, but keep in mind that some perennials are considered "short-lived" and may not survive indefinitely. Check with garden center stuff for more information about the ideal growing conditions for your perennial selections.


Perennials that flower usually bloom for a two to three week period. There are some that will bloom quite longer. The best way to use perennials is in masses so you can see the color. Perennials are relatively easy to maintain. You typically can divide perennials on a regular basis so you can distribute more in your yard or give some to friends.


For the novice or avid gardener there are many brands of perennials that you can purchase from your local garden center. These brands are noted for the extended bloom, or diseases tolerance, or just all around colors.


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