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Plants: Climbing Hydrangea Vine

Plants: Climbing Hydrangea Vine

Plants: Climbing Hydrangea Vine


The climbing hydrangea (Hydrangea anomala spp. petiolaris) is a slow-growing non-aggressive vine. Climbiing hydrangea is one of the few flowering vines that will grow in shade, making it ideal for urban gardens or shaded backyards, where full sun is in limited supply.


Climbing hydrangea has large bunches of white flowers and glossy, heart shaped leaves. Even when not in bloom, this vine makes an attractive plant, sprawling up a wall or trellis.


A climbing hydrangea prefers full sun to partial shade, and is adaptable to a wide range of soils, but thrives best in moist, well-drained areas. The climbing hydrangea can grow to reach heights of up to eighty feet.



Plant Characteristics:

Latin Name: Hydrangea anomala spp. petiolaris

Features: Fragrant white flowers in June to July; deep green foliage

Habit: Sprawling

Size: 30’ or more at maturity

Exposure: Shade to Sun 



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