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Ordering Mulch from Northeast Nursery

Ordering Mulch from Northeast Nursery

Mulch at Northeast Nursery


Bark mulch provides the ground with a protective covering, controls weeds, conserves moisute and reduces maintenance costs. Mulch is not only utilitarian, but also decorative and attractive. With the great demand for quality bark mulch, we offer direct trailer loads for contractors, or convenient home delivery for homeowners. 


How do I order?


Before requesting delivery service for your upcoming project, it's important to keep a few things in mind:

  • We do not leave the pavement without a signed release form
  • When choosing a dump location, please mark the spot (a barrel, tarp or chair will do).
  • Separate trucks for each bulk item will be required (mulch, loam, plants, etc.)
  • We cannot deliver near over-hanging wires.
  • Dumping instructions must be described as facing the property (i.e. "Looking at the house, dump on the right side of the driveway").


What Kinds of Mulch are Available?


We offer both bulk mulch and bagged mulch. See those and all of our other bulk materials here.


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