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Lawn & Garden Maintenance


  • Dispose of any leaves that are falling to reduce the event of disease infection in the spring or even compost them.
  • Feel free to mow your lawn one last time.
  • If you haven’t already, apply a fall or winter type lawn fertilizer, such as , to encourage good root development and help improve the grass color.
  • Lime can also be applied if needed.
  • Be sure to clean, sharpen and oil garden tools before storing them for the winter.
  • Looking for a little more guidance? View our Best Grass Seed & Growing Tips for A Greener Lawn Blog.


Insect & Disease


  • Hemlock wooly adelgid is active and can be treated with Bonide’s All Seasons Oil.
  • Continue to watch for insect or didease damage and take the necessary steps to control the problem.
  • Although most diseases are finished doing their damadge apply Bonide’s Infuse so long as the ground isn’t frozen, as a jump start for preventing infection in the spring.
  • Remove apples, pears, plums etc from the ground which have brown rot on them to prevent infection for next year.
  • Tar spot on maple is evident and can be reduced by destroying the leaves after they fall to derease the fungus from over wintering.


Flower/Vegetable Garden


  • Cut back any perennials that have passed and turned yellow.
  • Using 2-3 inches of mulch around borders of gardens and landscapes will help suppress weed growth and will help with water retention. For the winter months it will help maintain a consistent soil temperature.
  • Cover your strawberry bushes two inches deep with hay or straw to protect them for impending weather.
  • Transplant your perennials throughout the fall and winter, as long as they remain dormant, and don’t forget: some can be moved inside to become indoor plants.
  • Apply Wilt Pruf plant protector to your broadleaf evergreen trees and shrubs to help reduce moisture loss over the winter months.
  • Mulch your perennial (raised) garden beds and new plantings after the ground freeses to prevent frost heaves that might damage rootstocks.
  • Don’t forget to plant your spring bulbs now and get that garlic in the ground before it freezes!
  • Make sure your climbing and vining plants are securely fastened to their supports, so they will withstand the strong winter winds.
  • Fall pruning can be done, just remember as you prune you are removing next years flower buds resulting in less blooms next spring, so only prune what is neccessary.
  • Prune evergreen hedges anywhere from an inch to 4 inches. Use your judgement on how much you would like to remove. In doing so they will be able to shed the snow better and will not have an irregular shape in the spring from the weight of the snow. In need of a new ladder?


Pond Care


  • This is a good time to do a partial (50%) water change reducing toxic gases and increase oxygen levels, if you chose to do so make sure to balance your pH levels.
  • Keep your filters running to remove particles, convert ammonia, and add oxygen to the water
  • Cut back hardy marginals and place them at the bottom of the pond to over winter.
  • View our extensive stock of Pond Care products.


Alternative Fuels


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