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Magic and Magic-0


Magic and Magic-0 Liquid are highly efficient and effective ice melt solutions available to landscapers in the greater Boston area from Northeast Nursery. 



So what is Magic all about?


It’s a mix of salt, magnesium chloride, and molasses that melts ice to -20° and will not re-freeze.


Magic even leads to residual melting after multiple uses on a property’s surface (it essentially builds up in the concrete/ashpalt and develops a “memory”).



Why should you use Magic?


  • Saving money on labor by reducing call backs


  • Cut quantity used by 20-30% by using Magic Salt as opposed to straight rock salt


  • Become a more environmentally friendly business




Typical Application Strategy

(as described by some of our most successful customers)


In advance of a snow or ice event, apply this product in either liquid or granular form. This prevents the build up of ice and excessive now (during mild to moderate paved snow storms will accumulate as normal).


However, the “magic” of the product is that once applied, snow service companies can turn their attention to other customers, essentially buying time before needing to return to plow.


Once a Magic-treated property is plowed, snow is removed “cleaner” with only wet ground remaining instead of that thin sheet of ice or compacted snow.





Quick Facts


  • 1 Gallon of the liquid Magic treats approx. 2,000 square feet


  • Liquid Magic is a pretreat solution for snow and ice melt that can go straight onto the hot top!


  • Don’t treat the entire area; instead, treat the main areas and let the traffic spread it


Watch how it’s made Here!


To learn more about how Magic or Magic -0 Liquid can help your business, visit us or call today at 978-535-6551.
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