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Lawn Care

Lawn Care Basics

Sod Installation and Care Guidelines

Sod at Northeast Nursery Northeast Nursery’s sod is grown in New England from the finest turf gras seed available. During the Spring, we bring in sod Monday through Saturday. Because it is a perishable…

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Sow & Grow Products

Summer drought have your lawn struggling? The one-two punch turf pro’s use for a healthy lawn. Premium Sun-Shade Turf Mix Grass Seed Solu-Cal 6-12-6 Starter…

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The Ultimate Lawn Care Guide

Turf Seed Basics There are three basic types of grass seed available when seeding your lawn: Kentucky Bluegrass , Fescue , and Ryegrass . Each year we update our custom blends so we have the best quality varieties…

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Sod FAQ's and other General Tips & Tricks

When is the best time of year to install sod? Turfgrass sod can be installed year-round, even on frozen ground, if sod is available; however, sodding during the heat of summer will require more water than during cooler…

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Soil Testing is an Essential Lawn Care Practice

A soil test will determine not only the pH, but also the levels of nitrogen (N), phosphorous (P) and potassium(K). Once you have identified the nutrient composition we can advise you with proper fertilizer recommendations…

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Fertilizing Your Lawn This Fall

Fertilizing Your Lawn This Fall Fall is officially here! The days are getting shorter and cooler. Many homes suffered from lawn damage this year and are in need of repair this fall. You are probably planning on seeding…

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Holganix Organic Lawn Fertilizer

Holganix: How Does it HelpLawns Thrive? Holganix combines a highly evolved compost tea with active bio-nutrients to naturally promote lush green lawn growth. By supplementing just a fraction of your traditional…

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Premium Organic Lawn Foods by Espoma

We all want the beauty and satisfaction that comes with a lush, dark green lawn. But we want to obtain it without the use of potentially harmful chemicals. Espoma's premium organic lawn foods give the gardener peace of mind;…

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