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Professional landscape edgings come in Poly, Aluminum and Steel.  All three are excellent products and will provide you with a clean look in the landscape bed.  Besides edging we also have paver restraint/edging available.


Our Top Seller: The B.E.A.S.T


10 years experience and millions of feet of paver installations have gone into the development of B.E.A.S.T. Known for it’s super strength, amazing straight lines, super flexibility and perfect curves. Whether you are creating a driveway, walkway or patio, the most important part of your project is insuring that the pavers are installed properly. An edge restraint around the perimeter of the pavers is essential for eliminating horizontal creeping of the pavers and loss of the bedding sand. Patios and walkwats nail every 12” to 20”. For drivewats nail every 8” to 12”.




Oly-Ola Poly Edging

Made of 100% pure black polyethylene.  Both products, Super-Edg™ and Edg-King™, measure 20’ long and once installed properly will stay were they belong.







Black rigid vinyl and carbon black concentrate

100ft. roll


5ft – 20ft strip bundles

25 non-bending 14” steel stakes, 2 connecting clips


5 non-bending 14” steel stakes, 1 connecting clip



Pure polyethylene with 3.5% to 4% carbon black concentrate


5 pieces per flat bundle

20ft. of edging, 4 non-bending steel stakes, 1 crosslock plug



Permaloc® Aluminum Edging


Permaloc edging has a unique, inter-locking snap-down splicing system, which eliminates a need for splicing a stake at the joint and allows you to produce a curve at any point.







Available in Mill, Black Duraflex (Acrylic Paint), and Black Anodized


3”, 4”, and 5 1/2” depths by 1/8” or 3/16” thickness

16’, 5 interlocking stakes


8’, 3 interlocking stakes



Border Concepts Steel Landscape Edging System


Border Concepts manufactures a high quality landscape edging, available in various thicknesses and lengths of 10 or 16 feet.






Border Felx™


Available in brown, black, green, galvanized, painted galvanized

18” radius possible 14 gauge x 4” x 10’

Best suited for homeowner do-it-yourself edging


Border Line™

Available in brown, black, green, galvanized, painted galvanized

24" radius possible
1/8" X 4" x 10'
1/8" X 4" X 16'
1/8" X 6" x 10'

Most popular commercial size

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Border Stretch™

24" radius possible
1/8" X 6" x 10'

Basic commercial edging with extended height for deeper installations

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Border Guard™

Available in brown, black, green, galvanized, painted galvanized

36" radius possible
3/16" X 4" X 16'

Made for heavy duty applications

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Border King™

Available in black, green, galvanized, painted galvanized

72" radius possible
1/4" X 5" X 16' 0"

Best used in asphalt paving, gravel/crushed rock roadways and heavy duty jobs.

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Paver Restraint/Edging


Bric-Edg™  is a unique system designed to support and contain brick pavers, cobblestones or patio blocks.  Bric-Edg has a simple, effective design that uses the weight of the paving material to hold itself permanently in place.







Black rigid vinyl and carbon black concrete

6ft to 15ft pieces per bundle


12ft – 7.5ft pieces per box (90ft)

4 steel stakes, 1 H-clip


3 steel stakes, 1 H-clip


Pave Edge® Paver Edge Restraint System


Pave Edge is made of high strength PVC, and is designed to hold up under the most extreme conditions. 



More Information


Pave Edge Rigid More Information

Designed for straight area, but flexible enough to

support gradual curves, use only one spike 2-3’

Pave Edge Flex More Information

Combines the durability and design of Pave Edge Rigid with the flexibility

to produce tighter and shorter curves, use one spike with every support section



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