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Irrigation & Lighting



Northeast Nursery is now an authorized Rainbird Distributor!


Now that we have teamed with rainbird we have expanded our already great selection of irrigation products, from sprays to rotors, valves and controllers to their quality landscape dripper line.


We will be your premiere rainbird connection!


Go green with these new water saving products:



 1802-2 inch pop up spray body
 XFD landscape dripper line

 PC pressure compensating modules

 XBD 8 multi outlet emission device
 XT-700 main tubing

 Xeri sprays and misters
 U-series fixed arc nozzles
 Xeri Bug pressure compensating emitters
 XBT multi outlet xeri-bug
 ¼” distribution tubing (spaghetti tubing)
 Retro fit kits


We have all the products you need to install or retrofit a drip irrigation system!





No one in the professional outdoor lighting industry can offer you a broader or better selling line of outdoor lighting equipment. Nightscaping manufactures and makes available over 120 different outdoor lighting fixtures, custom modifications and countless Lighting Accessories for you to choose from.


All of their fixtures are engineered to help you achieve a specific lighting effect. Nightscaping gives you the freedom to choose from a wide variety of Uplighting, Downlighting, Pathlighting, Underwater lighting, Specialty lighting and Backlighting solutions.


The trademarked voltage reducing Powercenter™ transformer is the heart of all Nightscaping lighting solutions. Features like fire resistance and protection from shock hazards are built in at every step of protection, assuring that the power supply for your outdoor lighting will operate in a safe and effective manner.


Multi-Voltage-Output Powercenters™ are available to the for larger and more demanding projects. The Powercenters™ modular design allow you to select the control-options that best suit your needs while giving you the flexibility to modify, upgrade or just change your mind at anytime.

Northeast Nursery carries a large selection of lighting fixtures for all different applications.


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