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Hydro-seeding is one of the most effective ways to distribute and develop a lawn in a cost effective way. We have all of the necessary supplies to make the job easier for you, including Northeast Nursery Grass Seed Blends.

Conwed Fibers

The #1 Choice of Hydro-Seeders is Conwed Fibers® wood and wood/cellulose hydraulic mulches.

Conwed Fibers set the standard for erosion control excellence when it began operations in 1965. Their wood-fiber hydraulic mulch stood head and shoulders above all other mulches at that time, and it still does. Continual research, thorough testing at leading universities, and the commitment to remain the premium mulch producer has kept Conwed Fibers on top of the competition for all of these years. And now they have introduced the first wood and blended products with a new flocculating agent that takes hydraulic mulch performance to an even higher level.

Cellulose Hydro Mulch MSDS Sheet

100% paper

50 lb. Bale 40 Bales Per Pallet
Enviroblend Hydro Mulch   70% wood fiber and 30% cellulose 50 lb. Bale 30 Bales Per Pallet

ProfileJet Spray® Hydro Mulch

Jet Spray pourable fiber mulch with FiberMax™ is among the most sophisticated wood/cellulose hydraulic mulches on the market today – and you don’t need a big machine to use it. From dramatically reduced loading times to greatly increased yields, Jet Spray gets the job done faster and better than ever before. Here’s how:

  • Unique fiber mulch flakes are specifically designed to pour into the smaller tank openings of jet-agitated hydraulic seeders.
  • Loading time is decreased by up to 90% versus traditional based hydraulic mulches.
  • Delivers 50% more FiberMax synthetic fiber than before for more uniform ground coverage and reliable erosion control.
  • Flocculating tackifier increases yield—so every bag goes farther providing greater loft within the matrix and outstanding erosion control performance.
  • Dyed a dark green color for easy metering of the applied area

Jet Spray Hydro Mulch

Pourable fiber mulch with FiberMax™ 40 lb. Bale 48 Bales Per Pallet


ProPlus™ Accessories and Additives

NeutraLime™ Dry
Super high concentrate of the purest form of limestone.

MSDS Sheet


NeutraLime™ Liquid
Super high concentrate of the purest form of limestone.

MSDS Sheet


JumpStart™ 5
Combination of five active ingredients, including seaweed extract, poly-acrylamide, beneficial bacteria, humic acid and AquaGel.

MSDS Sheet


AquaGel™ A,B,C,D
Co-polymer of acrylamide, a super absorbent holding up to 400 times its weight in distilled water.

MSDS Sheet


Uniquely manufactured polyester fibers increase the mechanical bond within all types of hydraulic mulches.

MSDS Sheet


Additive for hydro-seeding to enhance the color for great curb appeal.

MSDS Sheet


Fiber combination of 1/2- to 3/4-inch long polyester fibers, specially cut and treated to disperse rapidly in water.

MSDS Sheet


Tacking Agent 3®
University tested and proven to reduce soil erosion and water runoff immediately after hydro-seeding, no cure time required.

MSDS Sheet


Easy to use tackifier, packaged in a pourable 11 lb plastic (waterproof) container.

MSDS Sheet


Water emulsified acrylic resin designed for straw tacking, dust control and bark mulch stabilization.

MSDS Sheet


MPT™ Tack
A combination of poly-acrylamide and hydro-colloid polymers, MPT is highly viscous and dries to form a strong chemical bond.

MSDS Sheet


Straw Netting
Straw netting is used extensively along highways and urban streets to secure straw mulch from blowing away.


BioPam™ Tackifier is a combination tackifier with inoculant's. This product contains beneficial bacteria to improve soil fertility.

Don’t forget we have a complete grass seed line available with blends made specifically for New England landscapes.

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