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Helpful Hints: Fall Evergreen Care & Tips

Helpful Hints: Fall Evergreen Care & Tips


Evergreen Care – Fall Shedding on Evergreens


With the cool nights all evergreens start to show fall shedding on the interior of the plant. This is natural and occurs on mature growth only. 


Usually fall shedding is heavier on newly installed or transplanted evergreens. From year to year the shedding can vary from little to much. Needle drop is not an indication that the plant is unhealthy. Your plants will probably develop more growth in the following season to compensate for the leaf drop this year.


General maintenance can be done to keep your plants healthy:


  • Watering as needed until the ground freezes
  • Pruning dead branches
  • Fertilizing with a fall blended fertilizer or Holly-tone fertilizer
  • Spraying for pests that are actively feeding on the plant


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