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Fish for your Water Garden

Fish for your Water Garden

Northeast Nursery's water garden department has grown considerably in recent years. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff, combined with recent upgrades to the department make Northeast Nursery a perfect one-stop-shopping destination for all of your pond needs.


Whether you are an experienced pond builder or a homeowner eager to learn about the excitement a water garden adds to your landscape, we are the place for you. In addition to our vast product line we also possess the knowledge to guide you through every step of the pond process. From the initial planning stage to any pond maintenance issues you may have, we are here to help.


Colorful and hardy, high quality goldfish and Koi bring life to your pond. Most water features will eventually contain fish. While not necessary, fish add a serene feeling to any design. At Northeast Nursery, we look forward to helping you select the correct number of fish for any size pond. We carry a large selection in many sizes

Be sure not to overstock your pond with fish, keeping in mind that they will grow and possibly reproduce. A good rule of thumb is to stock no more than one fish for about every 15-20 square feet of surface area. This will allow for mature growth, maintain fish health, and not sacrifice water quality.


Wintering Your Stock


A minimum pond depth of 2-3? feet is recommended for over wintering. A small hole should be kept open in the ice in winter with either a pond heater or by allowing your pump outflow to bubble to the surface. This will allow toxic gases to escape and needed oxygen to enter the pond.

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