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Enhance your Turf management program by developing a summer turf recovery program. Even though the early summer was cool and wet; the weather pattern has changed recently to a normal summer system and your customers’ lawns could use an improvement with these 3-steps:


Core Aeration | Top-dressing | Overseeding


1. Core Aeration is a vital component to your over all turf management program; it will improve water and nutrient infiltration, improve soil oxygen levels, and reduce thatch levels and now’s the time to start your core aerations. If you don’t own a Core Aerator Northeast Nursery has equipment available for rent. 45.00  However, you can do more to improve your customer overall turf quality with two very important services


2. Add Top-Dressing to greatly improve soil chemistry and structure which will improve fertilizer performance: -Top-dressing products are categorized as either a Physical Soil Amendment or Chemical Soil Amendment and most feature both benefits. This service will add to your bottom line and provide your customer with excellent benefits


Consider these soil amendments for your top-dressing service which offer both physical chemical benefits:


  • Bio-Basics PPM (pasteurized poultry manure) 4-2-3 at 20# per 1000 $14.00 per 50# bag less than 40 bags& 12.00 per bag for orders over 40 bags (pallet)
  • DryRoots – (a blend of sea kelp, poultry manure and other vitamins) 3-3-3 at 10# per 1000 $ 19.95 per 25# bag
  • EndoRoots – 3-3-4 is the ultimate soil amendment - All of the benefits of DryRoots enhanced with 9 species of endomycorrhizea 10# per 1000 $59.95 per 50# bag


If you have lawns with high levels of organic matter or compaction issues and only want to improve physical structure; consider adding porous ceramic to improve soil structure and rootzone performance:


  • Profile Emerald Field & Fairway at 25# - 50# per 1000 - $12.95 per 50# bag (green in color to blend in without notice)
  • Turface MVP 25# - 50# per 1000 – $11.95 per 50# bag


Top-dressing materials should be dragged after application for best results


3. Then Add Overseeding to upgrade turfgrass varieties in your customer’s lawns. Most lawns have too much Perennial Ryegrass and are susceptible to poor fertility, disease pressure and stress. You can change these conditions by overseeding with newer improved varieties of Kentucky Bluegrasses, Fine Leaf Fescues and NEW generation Perennial Ryegrass.


Spread the seed into the aeration holes after dragging – this method will provide a seedbed for your plants while allowing general use and maintenance to continue uninterrupted. This method is a staple in sports turf management for decades and can be implement quite easily in residential or commercial turf programs


At Northeast Nursery, we have upgraded all of our seed mixes and blends to provide you with the very best turfgrass varieties on the market today. Along with our Premium Landscape Mixes, we have added a line of products designed for heavy use and Sports Turf & Golf Course applications.  Stop in to review our upgraded seed product line.


Our Seed Program Discounts are as follows:


Seed in 50# bags:


  • Purchase Five (5), mix & match –  receive the 10 bag quantity break
  • Purchase ten (10), mix & match – receive the 20 bag (pallet) price break
  • Purchase twenty (20), mix & match – receive an additional 5% off of the 20 bag (pallet) price


For Blends & mixes only offered in 25# bags


  • Purchase 10 bags mix & match and receive the half pallet price (20 bags)
  • Purchase 20 bags mix & match and receive the full pallet price (40 bags)
  • Purchase 40 bags mix and match and receive 5% off of full pallet price


For all other 25# bag products:


  • Buy 10 bags, mix & match and receive 10% off of the single bag price (NOTE: 10# bags are not offered on the promotional program)


By enhancing your turf management program with these additional services, you’ll provide long-term benefits to your customers’ lawns and add significant profits to your bottom line. Northeast Nursery is also a full line distributor for Solu-Cal Products, stop in for pricing and recommendations.


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