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Designed for nature. Futerra® EnviroNet™Futerra? EnviroNet(TM)

New Futerra® EnviroNet™ takes advantage of advanced Futerra® technology, reinforced with a quick degrading, rectangular netting designed to minimize wildlife entanglement and improve site safety. EnviroNet is created for slopes and environmentally sensitive sites where windy conditions and/or higher levels of installation stress may be encountered.Futerra EnviroNet

Futerra revegetation blankets are created using a proprietary and patented process using Thermally Refined® wood and degradable man-made fibers that are intertwined into a dimensionally stable composite matrix that conforms to the soil surface. This technology enables Futerra EnviroNet to minimize soil erosion while rapidly establishing vegetation. EnviroNet is more aesthetically pleasing and easier to install than traditional stitch-bonded straw, and coconut and excelsior blankets. Plus, it provides 99.9% erosion control effectiveness. Click here to learn more about Futerra® EnviroNet™.


Futerra F4 NetlessStarting a blanket revolution! Futerra F4 Netless

Futerra F4 Netless… a whole new way to look at blankets. Compared to its netted predecessor, it's lighter, yet loftier and more dimensionally stable—while providing even higher levels of slope protection and vegetative establishment for fine turf and environmentally sensitive applications.Futerra F4 Netless

With no nets or threads, F4 Netless eliminates environmental, aesthetic and maintenance concerns. Fast germination means F4 Netless excels at vegetation establishment. It bonds to soil to prevent seed migration and sediment loss for up to a year—much more effective compared to other blankets. And F4 Netless weighs much less than any other blanket on the market and installs quickly with less man-hours per square yard! Click here to learn more about Futerra F4 Netless.


Terra-Tubes Fiber Filtration TubesFlow. Filtration. Flocculation. Terra-Tubes®: the difference is clear

The Next Generation of Storm Water Treatment Technology Terra-Tubes® Fiber Filtration Tubes

Terra-Tubes Fiber Filtration TubesTerra-Tubes are the industry’s most cost effective storm water treatment device designed to effectively trap, filter and treat sediment laden runoff while reducing hydraulic energy. Terra-Tubes filtration medium is a superior polymer delivery system or high performance fiber tubes to accommodate specific applications, including:

  • Slope Interruption Devices (SIDs)
  • Channel/Ditch Flow Checks
  • Bio-Swale/Storm Water

Treatment Systems

  • Drain Inlet Protection
  • Perimeter Sediment Control

Terra-Tubes are most beneficial when used as systematic components of a Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP). They are an ideal complement to other erosion control technologies, such as:

  • Hydraulically Applied Products
  • Erosion Control Blankets (ECBs)
  • Turf Reinforcement Mats (TRMs)

Terra-Tubes Fiber Filtration TubesWhat Are Fiber Filtration Tubes?

Terra-Tubes Fiber Filtration Tubes are engineered composites of wood fibers, man-made fibers and performance-enhancing polymers—all encased in heavy-duty, knitted cylindrical tubes. Terra-Tubes leave wattles, fiber rolls and similar technologies in the dust. No other product provides Terra-Tubes three primary functions: flowfiltration and flocculation. For the best sediment retention and storm water treatment option, turn to the superior technology of Terra-Tubes.

Flow: The light, lofty and resilient composite of thermally fused wood and man-made fibers creates air space and cavities to facilitate flow. Water passes through the engineered matrix, allowing soil particles to become trapped throughout the three-dimensional tube profile. Flow is critical to the filtration process. Without sufficient flow, failure may result from the product being undermined or sediment washing over top of the filtration system.

Filtration: Thermally Refined™ wood utilizes intense heat and pressure to create fine fibers designed to maximize surface area and water retention. These, combined with crimped, man-made fibers, generate far greater surface area than the agricultural or horticultural by-products in common fiber rolls. Greater surface area results in greater filtration. The engineered fiber composite is the reason that Terra-Tubes trap more sediment than the closest competitor— even without the inclusion of flocculating polymers.Clear run off provided by Terra-Tubes.

Flocculation: Impregnated flocculants are slowly dissolved and released by the kinetic energy of water flowing through the tubes. This flow through process provides a superior polymer delivery system to treat sediment-laden water. The flocculants react with suspended soil particles initiating coagulation and aggregation. The tube's matrix entrains the majority of these coagulated particles, while settling or complementary erosion control devices will aid in the removal of remaining particles.

Click here to learn more about Terra-Tubes.

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