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Northeast Nursery Direct Mulch Program


We are proud to offer our wholesale customers a convenient and cost effective option for high-volume mulch needs. Whether you are a landscaper who would like to stockpile at your place of business for ease-of-access or need a large delivery for your next commercial project, we can help. 

Northeast Nursery Live Flooring Trailer Delivery


Our Suppliers Ship to You


Working closely with our suppliers, we'll coordinate a bulk delivery of the mulch of your choice ensuring you convenient access right when you need it. The only requirement is that your place of business or job site be able to accomodate a "live flooring" trailer truck.




  • Save on travel time and fuel costs by keeping mulch onsite
  • Your crew spends more time mulching, less time driving
  • Increase your profits with competitive bulk pricing



Important Details Regarding Direct Delivery


The yardage in a truckload of mulch varies due to a couple of factors; the type and the water density. Full truckloads are filled to a specific weight capacity (approx. 100,000 lbs). While the amount typically varies in a 10-15 cubic yard range, this can tip toward the lower end if you order when the weather has recently been rainy; wet mulch pushes the scale quicker than a light and "fluffy" dry load. 


Our average yardage estimates, per truckload (measured in Cubic Yards):


  • Dark Mulch: 55-65 yards
  • Hemlock: 85-100 Yards
  • Northern P/S: 80-95 Yards
  • Playground: 95-110 Yards
  • Premium Mix: 85-95 Yards


To order or for general inquries regarding our direct mulch program Email Us.








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