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Tree & Shrub Maintenance


  • Winter pruning can be done. If the plants are spring flowering be selective in pruning because you are removing next years flower buds.
  • If there is no snow on the ground dispose of any leaves that have fallen and may be infected with diseases to assist to assist in the prevention of infection come spring.



Insect & Disease




Flower/Vegetable Garden


  • Using 2-3 inches of mulch around borders of gardens and landscapes will help suppress weed growth and will help woth water retention. For the winter months it will help maintain a consistent soil temperature.





  • If possible, keep the lawn free of leaves and also pay attention to drainage issues which should be addressed before the spring to help prevent diseases from occuring.
  • Gypsum can be sprinkled or sprayed on the lawn to prevent salt damage to turf. While nothing will completely cure the lawn of salt damage, gypsum will help.



Pond Care


  • Install a pond de-icer to maintain a hole in the pond to allow oxygen to enter for the benefit of the fish and to remove toxix gases that are produced by the fish.
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