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Concrete Pavers & Segmented Walls by Ideal

Concrete Pavers & Segmented Walls by Ideal


Whatever the term - Patio Pavers, Concrete Pavers, Paving Stones, Pavers, Retaining Wall, Block, Stonewall or Stair - Pavers by Ideal® is the Original New England Hardscape Source for Your Patio, Driveway, Sidewalk, Walkway or Retaining Wall Project




Pavers by Ideal offers a wide range of attractive paver shapes that can create designs that no other paving material can match! The color, shape, and visual texture of their concrete pavers are all important elements that add ambiance to any landscape setting.
Looking for Green Solutions? Ideal Offers Environmentally Friendly Choices.Are you environmentally conscientious, a fan of LID (Low Impact Development), or are you facing zoning restrictions on impervious surfaces that are limiting what you can build? If so, their eco-friendly permeable interlocking concrete pavers might be the right choice for you:
Visit the Pavers by Ideal You Tube page for helpful and informative videos on all their hardscape products.
Ideal offers a number of styles of landscape wall systems that can create several different looks and patterns. As with their pavers, the colors, surface texture, and styles work beautifully with any landscape design.
Ideal's ScapeStone FP fire pit “Block-n-Ring” combination is attractive, solid in construction, and comes as a kit so it’s easy to build. There is no guess work! The tapered shape of the ScapeStone FP units provides the perfect fit.


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