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Coast of Maine Organic Products was founded in early 1996 together with Great Eastern Mussel Farms 
(an early convert to composting) and they began investing in quality, capacity and the development of new markets for these truly exceptional composts. This expanding line of organically certified plant food and compost-based soils represents a real environmental win-win: they are finding important new uses for the region's natural resources and introducing their customers to a cost-effective alternative for growing beautiful, healthy, disease and pest resistant plants.


Quoddy Blend Lobster Compost

Quoddy Blend Lobster Compost
Quoddy Blend is made from composted crab, lobster and aspen bark. The crab and lobster shells are a rich source of calcium and chitin, the aspen bark a source of tannins and lignins. It's a blend that's perfect for your vegetable garden, especially for your tomatoes! The calcium content is beneficial for lilacs and roses too.

Compost Peat

Penobscot Blend Compost & Peat
Penobscot Blend is our popular all-purpose planting mix. A blend of compost and peat, it is ideal for planting annuals, perennials, shrubs and trees or conditioning gardens, beds and borders. Penobscot Blend is made with fully matured salmon, blueberry and mussel compost (2/3) and sphagnum moss peat (1/3).Mussel shells are Penobscot Blend's unique ingredient. The shell fragments help aerate and add texture to your soil, which helps improve root growth.


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