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Composting Program

We accept brush, leaves and grass clippings for composting purposes. Next time you are looking for your yard waste to be hauled, let us drop a container at the job site and pick it up when it is full. Visit our delivery page for more details.


VIOLATORS WILL LOSE ALL DUMPING PRIVILEGES IF CAUGHT DUMPING UNWANTED NON-ORGANIC MATERIAL. This includes, but is not limited to, cans, cups, bottles, paper or plastic bags, fencing, pressure treated wood, concrete and metal. There will be no refunds on any loads that need to be reloaded due to trash.


Item Amount Price
Grass, Leaves & Soil Minimum 35.00
- Prices per yard 3-5 cubic yards 48.00
- 6-7 cubic yards 58.00
- 8-10 cubic yards 70.00
- 10 Wheel Dump 100.00
- Tri-Axle Dump 150.00


Item Amount Price
Brush Drop Off Minimum 40.00
- Prices per yard 3-6 cubic yards 60.00
- 7-10 cubic yards 75.00
- 10 Wheel Dump 100.00
- Tri-Axle Dump 150.00


Item Amount Price
Wood Chips per cubic yard 3.00


Item Amount Price
Stumps Minimum 75.00
- 1 Ton Truck 125.00
- 6 Wheel Dump 150.00
- 10 Wheel Dump 250.00
- Tri-Axle Dump 300.00

Loads must be separated as follows:



Grass & Leaves


  3. Soil
  4. Stumps
  5. Logs

Failure to separate products will result in load refusal or additional charges. Annual Passes Available. Please Inquire about rates


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