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Blocks & Lowering Devices


Spring Lock Aluminum Blocks


These blocks are made from high tech aluminum alloy so they are incredibly light, but strong. Aluminum alloy bushings and sheaves are supported by stainless steel axles and bronze bearings. Bushings are easily accessed by quick-twist knob, and are captive, so they can’t get lost. Cheek plated are broad enough to protect lines during use. Blocks are rated to 100kN (working load limit of 4,800 lbs.) and weigh approximately 3.5 lbs. Sheave diameters are 2-3/4”.



Stainless Steel Blocks


These come with a 2-3/4” sheave and stainless steel bolt to maximize sling strength while the wide side plates protect the rope from contact with rough bark. The upper bushings have a knurled knob and are captive so they can’t get lost. Stainless steel and aluminum for durability in outdoor conditions. The RP130 handles rope up to 5/8”, working load limit of 5,600 lbs., weighs 2.3 lbs. The RP131 handles rope up to 3/4”, working load limit of 8,000 lbs., weighs 5.6 lbs.

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